Wyless, ClearConnex and Symmetry Electronics: “Quickstart your M2M development”

Wyless, ClearConnex and Symmetry Electronics: "Quickstart your M2M development"

Wyless, the leading global M2M managed services provider, ClearConnex Inc, the innovative wireless M2M device engineering company and Symmetry Electronic’s, a global distributor of electronic components, today launched a Telit based M2M Quickstart Developer Kit for accelerating the development, testing and deployment of M2M applications.

The M2M Quickstart Developers Kit provides everything an M2M device developer requires to accelerate their time-to-market. Symmetry Electronic’s will distribute the Telit module developer kit along with a demonstration version of ClearConnex’s ClearLink software platform and a 90-day free trial of Wyless network services. The result is an out of the box experience for developers wanting to accelerate the time from prototyping to commercial deployment.

Dan McDuffie, CEO of Wyless said:
“We are excited to be launching this new initiative, building on our long-standing partnerships with ClearConnex and Symmetry Electronics.”
Dan added: “Our partnerships with Symmetry Electronics and ClearConnex are an excellent example of working with partners to enable them to provide value-added development platforms to their customers that can be quickly and easily deployed. We are confident that the relationship will offer Symmetry customers the M2M infrastructure and managed services they need to get the very best out of the devices they purchase.”

Ryan Rangel, President, ClearConnex said:

“By working with Symmetry Electronics and Wyless, we are removing the barriers from the development and deployment process. The M2M Quickstart Developer Kit is another example of our ‘Start ahead, Finish ahead’ philosophy in action.”

Patty Steiman, VP of Operations, Symmetry Electronics:
“ClearConnex products like ClearLink represent the shortest time to market for our customers. When combined with the free 90-day trial of Wyless GSM or CDMA service, available in over 120 countries, this Telit developer kit is unparalleled in the M2M industry.”

The M2M Quickstart Developer Kit is available today and can be purchased at Symmetry’s ecommerce site SemiconductorStore.com

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