Three Wholesale provides Mobius with network backup

Three Wholesale provides Mobius with network backup

The deal will see machine-to-machine (M2M) devices run on Three’s ultrafast network.

Three has partnered with machine-to-machine (M2M) specialist Mobius to power NFC, or ‘contactless’ payment devices.

The operator’s ‘Ultrafast’ network, which will in future be composed of 4G technology as well as the current upgraded 3G lines, will be used to provide connectivity to contactless payment terminals so they are compatible with NFC (near field communications) devices.

The ‘Ultrafast’ network will also be used to back up fixed-line data connections during outages.

Mobius managing director Douglas Gilmour said:

“The latest connected devices face a serious threat from hackers and criminals. It is therefore important to make sure retailers and restaurants use a secure service to protect their customers’ data.”

A fast, reliable data network is required for this which is why we partnered with Three.

Three said the high data M2M market is a “key focus area” and that it already carries 42 per cent of the UK’s mobile data traffic.

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