Asiatelco and Cluster Wireless Announce Partnership to Bring Total M2M Solution

Asiatelco and Cluster Wireless Announce Partnership to Bring Total M2M Solution

Asiatelco Technologies Co. (ATEL), a leading worldwide provider of wireless terminals and equipment, today announced a technology and product collaboration with Cluster Wireless that will offer Cluster Wireless M2M middleware and software tools in ATEL’s M2M products.

Cluster Wireless specializes in developing software and tools for M2M ecosystems using its patent pending distributed mobile architecture.

Cluster Wireless software and solutions bring greater enterprise intelligence to M2M devices and enable intelligent and cost effective M2M deployments. This partnership enhances ATEL M2M Modules, Data Terminal Units (DTU), and Custom M2M devices with programming flexibility during design, manufacturing, deployment, and post deployment phases, and accelerates time to market. Cluster Wireless also provides Portfolio Management services to manage M2M deployments, including enterprise-grade Device Management, distributed architecture based Service Management, Sensor Management, Alarm & Fault Management, Application Management, and Device Diagnostics.

Our customers can quickly program any M2M application using Cluster Wireless M2M middleware and tools, and this allows our M2M Modules, and M2M devices to be customized to a wide array of use cases,” said Jason Ding, CEO, ATEL.

Dr. Tom O’Neill, CEO of Cluster Wireless, said:
“We are pleased to partner with ATEL to provide a complete M2M solution. ATEL’s proven M2M products help our customers develop M2M solutions quicker.”

“Our products and services ensure that customers can fine-tune their devices to meet ever changing business requirements for M2M deployments.”

Cluster Wireless software and tools will be immediately available on ATEL’s M2M modules, and DTU products.

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