Telecom Council of Silicon Valley nominates SIGFOX as one of the world’s 5 most innovative startups

Telecom Council of Silicon Valley nominates SIGFOX as one of the world's 5 most innovative startups
The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley connects companies and individuals involved in the Communications Technology industry with one another for business development, collaboration, and education.

Every year, the council organizes the TC3, Telecom Council Carrier Connections. This 2-day executive summit highlights the relationship between the companies building communication networks, with the companies and new ideas that are fueling its growth.

This event is also the opportunity for the Telecom Council to highlight innovative telecom companies with the SPIFFY Awards. And this year, SIGFOX has been invited as a nominee in the category Edison Award for Most Innnovative Start-Up.

The Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-up

Some ideas are so unusual they surprise you, but it’s a small minority of these that are also likely to succeed. With this award, the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley recognizes the startup that brings the most innovative ideas, but also the ability to successfully bring that idea to market.

“SIGFOX is excited by the recognition shown by the members of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley and their validation of the disruptive strategy by which we bring a game-changing connectivity solution to the world of the Internet of Things and M2M.”

In a few years, more than 20 billion objects will be connected to the Internet, and the majority of these connected objects will only have a few small messages to exchange once on a while. The existing connectivity solutions were built for high bandwidth terminals and not for these low throughput objects, which results in a major limitation on the possible business cases for the Internet of Things. Steep pricing, very high energy consumption & complex implementation makes connectivity a real headache for the IoT ecosystem. SIGFOX solves this headache by providing an out-of-the-box subscription-based low-throughput connectivity solution at a radically lower price, with much lower energy consumption and with dead simple integration. The solution is based on a completely new and unique cellular network, which is being rolled out worldwide as one standard Internet of Things network enabling a worldwide marketplace for connected solutions. As a global disruptive actor we are very excited to be chosen as a member of the prestigious list of innovative startups.


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