Wi2Wi Announces Full Production with Major Global Leader in Business-Class Fleet Management

Wi2Wi Announces Full Production with Major Global Leader in Business-Class Fleet Management

Wi2Wi Corporation is pleased to announce that a leading global fleet management company with dominant presence at all major airports worldwide is in full production with Wi2Wi’s WiFi-Bluetooth product.

Wi2Wi has shipped over 120,000 units to-date for the North American and European fleets of this Marquee customer. The expected initial phase over the next few years is up to approximately 500,000 units for their cars, with an upside potential of a total of up to one million units for the existing fleets worldwide. Wi2Wi products are embedded as part of an in-dash communications equipment and in-car technology. In addition, it is expected that recurring annual revenue will continue as a consequence of new car purchases both for growing the fleet as well as replacing older cars in the fleet.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Reza Ahy stated that:

“WiFi and Bluetooth will be the main means of in-car networking communications and infotainment, combined with mobile wireless such as 3G & 4G connecting the car to the network. This constitutes a multi-billion dollar opportunity for in-car technologies.”

“Wi2Wi is pleased to be serving our Marquee customer who is a visionary leader in the fleet management and who leverages innovations and technology to set the pace for their industry’s major new trends. WiFi deployment in their fleet initially for in-car technology, is also aligned with the major trends in the auto industry globally and IEEE emerging standards for not only in-car networking but also the emerging real-time vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications including intelligent highway transportation systems. Wi2Wi’s industrial-class product portfolio is well-matched to the requirements of these rapidly growing Auto Industry needs.”

Wi2Wi Chairman Dr. Hans Black stated:
“Wi2Wi’s leadership has a clear vision and understanding of major global technology, markets, and applications trends. It is gratifying to see Wi2Wi’s products implemented by an industry leader who is well-known for its quality and business-class offerings worldwide. Wi2Wi is on track to further grow its business with this Marquee customer and the auto industry. I congratulate the Wi2Wi team on this design-win, which is now in full production and serving a world-class customer.”

In-car WiFi systems are expected to increase significantly by 2017, as automakers increasingly view wireless connectivity as a key competitive differentiator, according to iSuppli Corp. Worldwide automotive annual shipments of WiFi systems is expected to rise to 7.2 million units in 2017. WiFi is also expected to be an increasingly more significant part of the multi-Billion dollar Telematics market connecting the car to the infrastructure. The global Telematics market is expected to grow to over $18 Billion by 2017 according to iSuppli Corp. Wi2Wi expects a significant percentage of WiFi & WiFi-Bluetooth for these markets to be in system-in-a-package (SiP) form factor as offered by Wi2Wi.

Wi2Wi is a leader in industrial-class WiFi, WiFi-Bluetooth and GPS system-in-a-package (SiPs). Wi2Wi focuses on industrial (including Automotive), medical, infrastructure (including smart-home/smart building) and government markets worldwide. Wi2Wi’s products and value-added services provide highly integrated, multifunctional wireless sub systems as complete wireless connectivity solutions for the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and portable device applications globally.

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