Twisthink unveils an affordable, fully featured M2M development platform

Speeds and eases development of M2M solutions with Cloud Connectivity.  Ideal for multi-device and remote applications at a fraction of the cost of typical M2M. Pre-Certified on the Verizon Wireless Network.

Twisthink, LLC, today announced that it has created a new Verizon Wireless Certified Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Development Platform which will enable developers in a wide range of markets to make major, cost-effective inroads with M2M applications.  In addition, Twisthink has partnered with Microchip Technology, Inc. to expedite rapid, reliable global availability of “twistM2M” technology.

Sumit Mitra, Vice President of Microchip’s MCU32 Division, says:

“This development platform marks a significant cost-capability breakthrough.”

“It brings processing and communications peripherals together in a space where M2M platforms often cost thousands of dollars.  For developers who want to add remote-management capability to their design, it’s an ideal solution — like no other in the marketplace today.”

“Typical M2M products load-in far more ‘extras’ than most applications require, and the resulting price makes M2M cost-prohibitive,” adds Kurt Dykema, Twisthink Director of Technology.

“Advanced engineering in ‘twistM2M’ avoids extraneous features, focusing on primary, multi-task functionality in order to bring developers trim, ‘athletic’ M2M: all the muscle, without the fat — or a fat price.”

Multi-task functionality in the furthest regions of your operation

The new full-featured platform enables development of custom-embedded firmware applications on a 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) with local area and remote cellular connectivity, including pre-certified two-way communication capability on the Verizon Wireless Network.  System devices can collect data, share locally over 10/100 Ethernet and ZigBee®, and communicate to a cloud application.

The twistM2M platform for CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), which is FCC Part 15 certified, also includes:

  • GPS for location-specific monitoring and control
  • Micro SD Card support for storing code, event information and images
  • On-board 3-axis accelerometer to monitor motion
  • Serial communication interface for simple wired connectivity
  • Temperature and light sensors
  • Two expansion ports for custom sensing or connectivity development.

The Verizon framework allows developers to extend system intelligence to the network’s outer edge, enabling devices to work autonomously and consume data services only when needed.  And Verizon’s Application Enablement Services (AES) allow users to dynamically alter sensor configuration, monitoring and thresholds without re-flashing the device’s application.

Ideal for a multitude of budget-sensitive applications

All this and more make twistM2M a must-try option for developers in an extended array of consumer, industrial and other markets, whose efforts to implement M2M have been stymied by budget constraints vs. the high cost of typical development platforms.

“The cost of entry is low with this technology, for M2M networks able to communicate status, locations and much more,”asserts Twisthink’s Dykema.  

“Our M2M microcontroller has I/O that can be configured for a wide variety of tasks, for applications ranging from remote monitoring and alarm systems, home and appliance automation, vending machines … to fleet management, remote pipeline equipment, agriculture and viticulture, the list goes on.”

The microcontroller can be run with main power or a battery pack.  In addition to the low-cost radio certified on Verizon’s network, a secondary radio can be used to create a local mesh network with devices nearby, with all devices sharing a single cellular connection to further minimize operating costs.

In short, Dykema says: “You don’t need a supercomputer to do the work of a PC.  twistM2M is the PC of M2M development platforms, able to make a multitude of M2M applications financially feasible for the first time.  And it’s ready now.”

Flexible, intuitive M2M development, without being a cloud or cellular expert

For more details and to register for an M2M Platform, visit  Once the platform is registered, developers can monitor its various parameters on the twistm2m portal, or develop and link to a portal hosted by Exosite, a very flexible and intuitive portal development environment.  This combination of hardware, with an enabling ecosystem, eliminates the need for a developer to become a cloud or cellular technology expert, and provides a high level of capability.

Pricing & Availability
The M2M Development Platform (part # DM320017, $379.99) is available for purchase today. 

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