ILS Technology Tops ABI Research’s M2M Security Competitive Assessment

ILS Technology Tops ABI Research’s M2M Security Competitive Assessment

Eight M2M security providers went head-to-head in the latest vendor matrix from market intelligence firm ABI Research.

The vendor matrix ranked companies on several criteria related to both product Implementation and vendor Innovation. The overall winner in this Competitive Assessment was ILS Technology.

ILS Technology also ranked first in the Innovation category. Axeda closed in second place, followed by Numerex in third. The security aspects of their M2M platform, as well as any underlying security work and extensive research and development in the product and development category, namely in terms of enhancing M2M security, helped to drive those three to top the rankings.

Axeda ranked first in the Implementation category, followed by ILS Technology in second and Sierra Wireless in third. Revenue generation, global reach, and varied vertical markets served, as well as an extensive network of commercial partners helped to push the three to the top of the ranking.

The M2M security market is not crowded. The M2M market itself is still maturing and great scope still exists for development in terms of potential applications and network connectivity.

Michela Menting, senior analyst comments:

“As critical applications in M2M become more popular, M2M vendors will increasingly incorporate security as a key feature. The M2M network and application security markets offer plenty of potential, with the M2M market in full swing and the increasing number of opportunities will mean a surge in popularity.”

Security will come to play an increasingly important role, and those vendors with a leading edge in regulatory and compliance security stand a very good chance of dominating the market as critical sectors increasingly make use of M2M platforms.

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