European M2M partners select Option’s CloudGate for M2M solutions

European M2M partners select Option’s CloudGate for M2M solutions

Partners praise CloudGate’s ability to make roll out of M2M solutions more cost-effective and easier then ever.

Option, the company connecting Things to the Cloud, today announces that no less than 12 European M2M (Machine-To-Machine) Solution Providers have selected Option’s CloudGate to be part of their M2M offerings and solutions.

All partners have made the choice for CloudGate because they find it to be a secure, reliable and affordable M2M intelligent gateway that brings new levels of flexibility and ease of deployment for M2M solutions.

Since the introduction of CloudGate in the US, the Company received positive feedback from the M2M community including System Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Applications Enablement Platform Providers. Based on that feedback the Company has developed a European version of CloudGate and gauged the interest of European partners for its M2M solution. As a result of these activities CloudGate is now available from several partners in Europe for M2M projects in vertical markets such as digital signage & location based media solutions, surveillance, heat & temperature sensing projects and many more.

The new CloudGate Partners are: Arcadiz (Belgium), Communica (Sweden), Emcom (Norway), ime mobile solutions (Germany), I-Real (Netherlands), MCS (Benelux), Misa (Italy), Rmoni (Belgium), Round Solutions (Germany), SAIT (Belgium), Smart M2M Solutions (Spain) and Telos (Slovenia)

William Ingram, owner of Communica, on CloudGate:
“We found CloudGate to be the best value for money M2M intelligent gateway in the marketplace. Period.”

Alf Mollerud, CTO at Emcom, on why they have selected CloudGate:
“We selected Option’s CloudGate because it fulfills several needs in the market that nobody else is addressing. Obviously, when we are talking M2M, everyone wants rock-solid equipment that is durable, capable and stable whatever you use it for. What really make CloudGate special are its flexibility and the ability to customize hardware options for projects, coupled with the unique way of thinking configuration and software deployment through the cloud service. The savings on support for the initial configurations alone sets this solution apart from all the rest.”

Peter Haverkamp, Operational Director at I-Real, comments on CloudGate:
“For the many telemetry solutions I-Real can offer its customers there is a clear need for products that can be set-up on a modular way. Also the price-quality ratio of CloudGate is very good. These are the reasons why I-Real has selected Option’s product.”

Jan Callewaert, CEO at Option said:

“With our CloudGate M2M solution our experience in Europe mirrored what we saw in the US: there is clearly a need in the market for a configurable M2M intelligent gateway. We developed a radically simplified solution. There’s nothing else like it on the market. We’re very pleased to have recruited these European partners. ”

CloudGate is an M2M solution that includes an intelligent 3G M2M gateway, an open M2M application development environment and a cloud based provisioning service. It meets all the market requirements for a robust, secure, feature rich routing platform that will not let customers down in the field.

Application Enablement Platform vendors and System Integrators creating M2M solutions are faced with the challenge of very fragmented customer requirements. CloudGate provides an extensible hardware and software platform that allows them to tailor the product to meet the needs of each customer reducing their time to solution, development costs and increasing their addressable markets.

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