Tracker Technology teams with u-blox to find your dog

Swiss-based u blox, a global leader in cellular and positioning modules and integrated circuits, has been chosen by Taipei-based Tracker Technology for their compact MSP340 pet tracking collar.

The collar supports real-time as well as historical tracking of pets for over 2 days on a single charge, plus geo-fence alarm that alerts owners when their pet has left a pre-defined boundary, and battery-low alarm. The compact device integrates u-blox’ ultra-miniature AMY GPS and LEON GSM surface-mount modules resulting in a small, wearable collar that keeps owners in touch with pets at all times via Android smartphone, no matter where they are.

“Pets are a very important part of millions of people’s lives, and knowing where they are brings great peace of mind to their owners,” said James Lin, Tracker CEO.
“Only recently has tracking technology reached the level of integration, power consumption and reliability required for practical application in extremely small, battery operated devices. u-blox has achieved the electronic state-of-the-art in this discipline, allowing us to design a practical and dependable pet tracking collar with ultra-long battery life.”

Ming Chiang, u-blox Taiwan Country Manager said:

“We are now reaching the tipping point where satellite tracking technology can be easily, practically and economically integrated into virtually anything of value.”

“For millions of people around the world, a pet is not just a domestic animal, but a member of the family. We are therefore very proud to contribute our key positioning and cellular technologies to Tracker’s device.”

The comfortable, water-proof collar communicates with a free Android smartphone app, giving owners a 24/7 graphical indication of their pets precise location. Geofence and battery low alarms are displayed in the applications, or sent via SMS. A virtual geofence can be entered by simply tapping on boundary points on the map display.

The LEON-G100 module from u-blox is a cost efficient solution bringing full feature quad-band GSM/GPRS data and voice transmission technology in a compact form factor. Featuring low power consumption and GSM/GPRS class 10 data transmission with voice capability, the LEON-G100 combines baseband, RF transceiver, power management unit, and power amplifier in a single, easy-to-integrate solution. u-blox’ AMY-6M is the world’s smallest standalone GPS satellite receiver module, perfect for ultra-compact applications requiring high tracking performance.

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