KORE Adds Inmarsat Mobile Satellite Data Services to Global Connect™ Technology Portfolio

KORE Adds Inmarsat Mobile Satellite Data Services to Global Connect™ Technology Portfolio

Global IP Satellite Services Enable Rich Data Applications Extending to Remote and Non-Terrestrial Reaches.

KORE, the world’s largest wireless services provider specializing in global machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced it has added broadband satellite network services from Inmarsat (LSE:ISAT.L), the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, to the KORE Global Connect™ network portfolio. The new offering is designed to meet demand for rich data M2M applications that also require uninterrupted network linkage across land, sea and air.

As M2M services move up the enterprise value chain, M2M users are looking to capture greater volumes of physical data from the most remote regions on Earth. In fact, the act of connecting isolated or inaccessible smart meters, or controlling expensive assets and natural resources in environmental control segments often requires devices be located out of reach of today’s cellular networks. Yet, integrating data to and from these locations is an important extension of the M2M footprint.

For example, jet engine monitoring systems need always-on connectivity to transmit continuous operational data from 35,000 feet. Or, within the mHealth market especially within developing nations, doctors and healthcare organizations require transmission of larger and larger packets of medical data from very remote field offices.

Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE, said:

“We have witnessed a growing sub-set of global applications coming online that require more robust data packet delivery. Gone are the days where an asset merely needed to tell the home office that it was ‘present’ and ‘functioning properly’.”

“In our efforts toward continuous improvement, and to uphold our pledge to make M2M just work better for our customers and partners, we are excited to integrate Inmarsat broadband satellite services to the Global Connect technology portfolio.”

Inmarsat delivers a reliable, two-way IP data service for long-term management of dispersed devices and assets. It transmits data using BGAN Standard IP at a rate of up to 448kbps with a low latency from 800 milliseconds, assuring real-time visibility of critical data.

“As the leading mobile satellite services operator with an unrivalled track record for reliability, it makes good business sense to utilize our globally available broadband connectivity services for the thousands of applications and millions of devices that KORE already has in place,” said Rupert Pearce, CEO of Inmarsat.

“We are excited to have our services supporting the KORE delivery platform and we look forward to working together to make new applications possible across multiple geographies, and within new markets.”

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