M2M creates transparency when tracking international deliveries

M2M creates transparency when tracking international deliveries

Vilant Systems is one of Europe’s leading providers of tracking systems and is launching the innovative Vilant Tracker.

Instead of GPS, the shipments equipped with it are localised by means of the global mobile communications network.
Anti Känsälä, Director for Products at Vilant Systems, says:

«Thanks to collaboration with the Swisscom M2M Centre of Competence, the transport routes are more certain and logistics processes transparent for the ordering party and recipient.»

The Vilant Tracker is a new solution for tracking shipments and transports via ground, water, and air. The device allows setup of a global tracking network quickly and without any investment in the network infrastructure. It is one of the first tracking solutions in the world to localise shipments not via GPS but using the mobile communications network. This allows shipments to be located even inside buildings or in vehicles.

Vilant TrackerThe Vilant tracker, which is only a little larger than a credit card, contains a GSM module, an acceleration sensor and special software. Vilant Tracker regularly reports its current location to the GSM network, thus allowing a shipment to be monitored and tracked in real time. The shipments are located using Location Based Services (LBS) from Swisscom. This enables production companies, for example, to recognise delivery delays early and avoid disruptions in the delivery chain, thus preventing the associated additional costs. Vilant Tracker is the only GSM-based tracking device available and has been granted a safety certificate for airfreight tracking compatibility by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Global coverage
It is the cooperation with Swisscom that makes global coverage of the shipments equipped with Vilant Tracker possible.
«Vilant Systems needs to be able to rely on the transmission routes», says Gerhard Schedler, Head of the Swisscom M2M Centre of Competence.
«We guarantee this with our more than 600 international roaming partners. The multiple networks in each country ensure the required stability.»

More information on M2M at Swisscom: www.swisscom.ch/m2m

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