New XBee® Wi-Fi Cloud Kit by Digi International Brings the Internet of Things to Everyone

New XBee® Wi-Fi Cloud Kit by Digi International Brings the Internet of Things to Everyone

Add cloud connectivity to any device or sensor–create your own Internet of Things ASAP.

Digi International today released the XBee® Wi-Fi Cloud Kit, a development kit that allows anyone to build, connect, and control their own Internet of Things.

The kit recently won an Editor’s Choice ribbon at World Maker Faire New York 2013.

Built around Digi’s new XBee Wi-Fi module, which wirelessly connects devices to the cloud, the kit integrates with Device Cloud by Etherios™ using a sample internet-based application, and includes a new development board with sensors, actuators, a USB cable, and a variety of electronic prototyping parts for creating custom circuits.

“The new XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit is the fastest and easiest way to explore and develop devices and circuits that connect to the Internet of Things,” said Rob Faludi, chief innovation officer and author of Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

“Through its straightforward integration with Device Cloud by Etherios, makers, educators, electronics engineers, software designers, and innovators of all kinds can now create their own Internet of Things through easy-to-use web applications.”

The XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit features a sample web application that lets users remotely activate various outputs on the development board including LEDs, a vibration motor, a bar graph gauge and an audio buzzer.

In addition, users can build their own circuits on the development board to sense temperature or light, switch on and off other devices via a relay, turn on and off additional LEDs and more. The web application code is open-source, available for anyone to download and use as a learning tool.

The XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit is now available for $149 MSRP.

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