Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation Announces the M2M Intelligence® v5.0 Platform

Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation Announces the M2M Intelligence® v5.0 Platform

Simplifying the Delivery of Secure M2M and Internet of Things Services.

Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of M2M Intelligence®, an industry recognized M2M and Internet of Things platform.

With integrated worldwide telecom bandwidth as well as a large collection of certified industry applications, the enhanced M2M Intelligence® platform makes it significantly easier to rapidly deploy secure, value added M2M and IoT services – on-premise or as an enterprise PaaS offering.

Deploying M2M and IoT services are enabling organizations to increase efficiency and drive revenue within their businesses. However, the challenge is to move up from today’s siloed and custom solutions with repeatable, flexible and rapidly deployable offerings that can quickly scale to enable significantly larger value. In addition, cyber security is becoming an increasingly critical consideration for enterprises looking to build M2M and IoT capability. To address these challenges, the M2M Intelligence® v5.0 platform enables organizations to rapidly deploy M2M and IoT services in a secure, scalable and repeatable way. M2M Intelligence® enables secure interoperability of devices through networks to cloud data centers.

Geoff Brown, CEO, Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation, says:
“Today’s connected solutions are too siloed and inflexible. Therefore, expanding an existing service or developing a new offering becomes resource and time intensive.”

“Our enhanced M2M Intelligence® v5.0 platform provides enterprise cloud support, flexibility, integrates global bandwidth as well as enables a large collection of existing industry applications, thereby allowing organizations to rapidly deploy valuable M2M and IoT services.”

The enhanced M2M Intelligence® platform provides the following benefits:

  • Integrated global bandwidth – Includes worldwide telecom bandwidth and data services as well as large collection of telecom-certified applications ready for deployment
  • Enhanced contextual intelligence – Analyzes the inherently dynamic M2M and IoT ecosystem to provide contextual intelligence – enabling intelligent analysis and response to the current state
  • Enterprise cloud support – Delivers the industry’s leading M2M and IoT enterprise cloud PaaS to address complex cloud orchestration, messaging, connectivity, security and deployment of enterprise connected applications
  • Lockbox secure messaging support – Policy driven and integrated security addresses both critical cyber-physical infrastructure protection and secure information exchange from device through telecom networks through to the cloud datacenter
  • Modular platform architecture – Today’s M2M and IoT solutions are inflexible and stove-piped. M2Mi’s modular, building-block architecture enables repeatable and rapidly deployable solutions across industries. This enables telecom providers, cloud providers as well as system integrators to deploy repeatable solutions across organizations

M2Mi provides the M2M Intelligence® platform, which includes M2M Automation and M2M Cyber Security, as the essential technology foundation for M2M and IoT offerings. By bundling global telecom bandwidth and data services with the M2M Intelligence® platform, M2Mi provides an integrated solution to enable enterprises to rapidly deploy revenue-generating M2M and IoT services.

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