ThingWorx Selected as Founding Member of Verizon M2M Application Development Program

ThingWorx Selected as Founding Member of Verizon M2M Application Development Program

Verizon Enterprise Solutions identifies ThingWorx to provide foundation for M2M solutions in industries like healthcare, energy, transportation and others.

ThingWorx™ today announced that it has been selected by Verizon Enterprise Solutions as a founding member of their recently announced M2M Application Development Environment Program (M.A.D.E.). The program is designed to enable rapid implementation of innovative M2M solutions for Verizon’s customer base.

ThingWorx provides Verizon, and Verizon partners and customers, with a unique Application Enablement Platform that drives rapid development of innovative M2M applications, a feature that Verizon has identified as critical in realizing the promise of a Connected World and proliferation of M2M technology and solutions. The ThingWorx platform makes it easy for companies to develop and deploy M2M applications, allowing them to monetize the benefits and opportunities created by connected solutions. These applications can be easily customized and deployed in a variety of different industries, including but not limited to, healthcare, energy, transportation, and agriculture.

Teaming with strategic partner, Tech Mahindra, ThingWorx has facilitated the generation of industry specific application templates that support the Verizon initiative. These templates, which were generated in a fraction of the time that would be required with traditional approaches and technology, are designed with highly interactive user interfaces that leverage not only device and machine data but also data from back end transactional systems, web services, and unstructured data from people. The templates are unique in that they are easily modified and extended to meet specific customer requirements, driving a continuous innovation process for Verizon customers.

Russ Fadel, CEO and Co-Founder of ThingWorx, stated:

“As a founding Member of Verizon’s M2M Application Development Environment program, we are pleased to be part of an effort to help companies quickly realize the benefits and opportunities created by connected solutions.”

“Verizon highlights rapid application enablement as the primary barrier to realizing the promise of a Connected World, and ThingWorx provides the answer – helping these companies reduce the time, cost and risk involved in building innovative M2M applications.”

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