EnTouch Controls Partners with RacoWireless, Providing Innovative Energy Management Solutions

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EnTouch Controls Partners with RacoWireless, Providing Innovative Energy Management Solutions

RacoWireless powers the next generation in connected facilities and energy management.

RacoWireless, the leading machine-to-machine (M2M) enabler, announced today that it has partnered with EnTouch Controls, a leader in energy management systems for restaurants, retail and small businesses, to provide a connected solution for facility management.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, retail companies and restaurants spend nearly $20 billion annually on energy – and cutting these costs by even 10 percent can boost profit margins by as much as 2 to 4 percent. EnTouch is helping small business operators capture some of those savings by providing an energy management system (EMS) to reduce energy usage through data analytics, performance diagnostics and managed services.

The EnTouch EMS platform integrates wireless thermostats and monitoring controllers with a cloud-based facility management dashboard that customers can access from anywhere. The connected systems feed the dashboard every minute with usage data that can be analyzed for trends to identify maintenance issues or usage patterns. The company also offers EnTouch 360°, a 24/7 managed service to analyze this data to detect abnormal energy usage and also to alert facilities staff to potential maintenance issues.

Greg Fasullo, CEO of EnTouch, said:

“The EnTouch platform is disrupting the EMS space by bringing the technology to small businesses that would not otherwise be able to afford traditional building automation solutions.”

“The wireless connectivity solutions provided by RacoWireless are allowing our customers a better understanding of how energy is being used or wasted, identifying hidden maintenance issues, and optimizing energy levels.”

EnTouch’s energy management system has demonstrated energy cost reductions of up to 25 percent.

“The connected facilities space is on the cusp of exploding right now, and no company is providing more innovative solutions than EnTouch Controls,” commented John Horn, President of RacoWireless.

“Once again, we are starting to see how limitless the applications are for M2M technologies.”

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