PLDT launches suite of mobile M2M solutions

PLDT launches suite of mobile M2M solutions

MANILA, Philippines :

Leading telecoms company PLDT, through its corporate wireless enterprise arm Smart Enterprise, is introducing a set of M2M (machine-to-machine) solutions that aims to benefit credit, sales, and mobile payment operations for local businesses.

SMART Enterprise recently launched Smart M2M Credit, M2M Sales, and M2M Pay in an effort to expand its M2M offerings in the mobile platform, digitizing operations for credit investigations, sales monitoring, and wireless card payments.

PLDT EVP and Head for Enterprise, International and Carrier Business Eric Alberto, said:

“As the SMART Enterprise mission is to be the preferred M2M service provider for enterprise customers, we believe that we have ably achieved this not just by being the first to market with these revolutionary solutions, but by also adding our network reliability and reach as well as our swelling ranks of ICT experts into the mix.”

“Companies now need to maximize crucial operations with efficient solutions that do not pack on the cost. M2M technology has been a viable solution in digitizing manual processes that’s why PLDT is constantly investing in technology and upgrading our core network to prepare for the anticipated trend for these kinds of innovations,” said PLDT FVP and Smart Enterprise Sales and Marketing Head Jovy Hernandez.

Smart M2M Credit

The Smart M2M Credit solution is a mobile Credit Investigation App with tracking features needed by credit investigators, completely bundled with the latest devices and reliable data connectivity.

Meeting challenges of banking and financial institutions, Credit Investigators are provided useful features that enable them to maximize their time on the field with several feature including auto-dispatch and status updates. Inputting of data also gives user the flexibility to incorporate data needed by credit institutions to handle approvals including an image capture with geo-tagging features.

The app’s customized reporting also gives heads the allowance to define reporting guidelines and set access to data according to user, enabling them to measure productivity of each user on the field.

“The Smart M2M Credit gives credit institutions the benefits of digitizing manual processes allowing for faster approvals for loan applications,” said Smart Enterprise Product Marketing Head Chet Alviz. “With a mobile app, it lessens the time that field assets need to submit reports to their headquarters as they are now able to send their reports right after confirming needed information.”

The bundle is fully customizable and can define specific information requirements depending on the type of loan or customer value. The app is also designed based on industry best-practices with maximum security features.

Smart M2M Sales

The Smart M2M Sales solution is a mobile customer relationship management tool that provides field personnel with relevant information and automates sales processes to enhance customer experience.

Its mobility features include Sales Call tracking, Progress Updates, Performance Monitoring, and inventory monitoring. Enterprises are assured of top-quality services through PLDT’s subsidiary IP-Converge’s largest after-sales deployment resources.

“Our M2M Sales app comes powered with the certified resources of, and gives full and relevant features for sales teams to maximize their mobility in meeting the needs of their clients. The app also allows for a single view for each of their customer’s profile to easily access and get information of their clients,” said Alviz.

Smart M2M Pay

Merchants and other businesses can maximize their sales with the M2M Pay solution as this app expands their card payment modes with the bundled card swiper dongle, iOS and Android devices, and connectivity.

The bundled Smart M2M Pay allows for credit card payments to mobile devices through a detachable card swiper maximizing opportunities for purchases of customers without the need for cash.

“This solution is an affordable alternative for businesses, particularly independent merchants, to accept card payments from their customers, compared to purchasing expensive POS machines,” added Alviz. “The device also has the flexibility to function if connectivity becomes momentarily unavailable assuring businesses that payments go through.”

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