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GreenPeak provides certified ZigBee PRO Home Automation v1.2 compliant platform

GreenPeak provides certified ZigBee PRO Home Automation v1.2 compliant platform

Bosch motion sensors for security systems with GreenPeak technology achieved HA 1.2 compliance and were successfully certified within the iControl OpenHome™ Partner Program.

GreenPeak Technologies, the rapidly growing Smart Home radio communications semiconductor company, has announced its ZigBee PRO Home Automation 1.2 (ZHA 1.2) platform and its first certification for Bosch motion sensors.

ZigBee PRO Home Automation 1.2 is the proven standard for networking security and energy efficiency devices in the Smart Home and GreenPeak’s platform is now qualified for certification of customer projects. GreenPeak achieved certification after rigorous platform testing conducted by third parties, ensuring the highest quality and guaranteeing full interoperability for Smart Home applications, sentrollers and household appliances. Interoperability is one of ZigBee’s key strengths, making Smart Homes extendable with new devices from different vendors and ensuring an easy, cost-effective and scalable Smart Home implementation.

ZigBee HA1.2 Certified devices will interoperate with the full spectrum of connected home solutions and allow seamless integration of interactive home security, home monitoring and control, energy management and home health care systems offered by various companies in the market.

Jim Johnson, executive vice president and general manager of iControl’s cable division, says:

“The ZigBee HA1.2 certification of the GreenPeak platform creates new opportunities for Smart Home device makers to bring connected products into homes.”

“With their ZigBee RF communication chips, GreenPeak provides a key component in expanding the smart home experience, and we’re happy to build out our iControl OpenHome Partner Program with such an innovative technology leader.”

The first GreenPeak powered devices that are ZigBee HA 1.2 platform compliant are the Bosch Security Systems motion sensors, providing a complete end-to-end solution for home security. Integrating GreenPeak RF technology with Bosch sensors and security services enable operators and security companies to offer scalable systems that range from delivering only sensors to complete cloud-based home security service solutions.

“We integrated GreenPeak’s ZigBee chips in the Bosch motion sensors and worked with their team to achieve ZigBee HA 1.2 certification in a swift and efficient way,” says Peter Ribinski, Member of the Board of Bosch Security Systems. “GreenPeak’s superior ZigBee technology in our sensors guarantees peace of mind for operators and home owners using our devices.”

“Today, our top-tier customers, operators and home security companies worldwide, are certified for ZigBee PRO HA 1.2 and can be used in ZigBee Pro HA1.2 networks and cloud services as being offered by e.g. iControl and will help to further thrive Smart Homes,” says Cees Links, CEO. “GreenPeak’s best-in-class performance in range, link reliability, energy consumption and cost remains our seal of excellence. We are happy to see customers like Bosch Security Systems bringing ZigBee products to the market after a quick and efficient integration project, and having them officially certified to enable a fast track market success.”

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