Digital Lumens Brings the ‘Internet of Lights’ to More Than 100 Million Square Feet of Space

Digital Lumens Brings the ‘Internet of Lights’ to More Than 100 Million Square Feet of Space

Part of the Internet of Things (IoT), Lighting-Based Intelligence Optimizes Key Aspects of Customers’ Operations.

Digital Lumens announced today that it has brought the Internet of Lights to more than 100 million square feet (10 million square meters) of space across more than 1,000 large-scale commercial and industrial facilities worldwide. In the Internet of Lights, a lighting-based category within the Internet of Things, every intelligent LED fixture is wirelessly networked and gathers sensor and meter data that is used for ongoing operational optimization.

“Sincerest thanks to our customers and partners in helping us reach this major adoption milestone,” said Tom Pincince, President and CEO of Digital Lumens.

“Our Intelligent Lighting System – which generates tremendous amounts of actionable building data – is helping our customers optimize numerous aspects of their operations, from staffing and inventory management, to equipment utilization and facility-wide energy management.”

“As ubiquitous devices in the built environment, lighting is the most practical and cost-effective vehicle for the Internet of Things,” said Brian Chemel, CTO and Co-founder of Digital Lumens.

“Across the spectrum of IoT devices, intelligent lights actually pay for themselves with massive energy savings, while delivering a broad range of other building management capabilities.”

With 100 million square feet covered in 2013 – double the footprint of the previous year – Digital Lumens has secured greater than 50% market share in the intelligent LED lighting market. Worldwide deployments of the Intelligent Lighting Systems are saving customers $50 million in annual lighting costs, and more than 500m kWh in annual energy consumption.

2013 Highlights

In addition to helping customers reduce energy intensity and meet sustainability goals in manufacturing and distribution facilities, in 2013 Digital Lumens:

  • Expanded its global footprint to customer locations in 30 countries;
  • Expanded into a broad range of new markets and applications, including airplane hangars, transportation depots, sporting facilities, chemical and hazardous locations, agriculture and retail environments;
  • Unveiled new strategic products, including:
    • Digital Light Agent technology, which integrates other controls-ready luminaires into the Digital Lumens Intelligent LED Lighting System;
    • LightRules Power, which monitors power loads from other systems and circuits, and integrates the data into a single view of all facility energy data;
  • Was the subject of a landmark eight-month study, sponsored by California utility PG&E, that analyzed the value of LEDs with various controls measures and verified 93% lighting energy savings in the customer site;
  • Added a broad network of lighting representatives and distributors in key markets; and
  • Expanded its patent portfolio for intelligent fixtures and controls.

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