Worldsensing and SIGFOX Announce the World’s Largest Intelligent Parking deployment with Micronet, the SIGFOX Network Operator for Russia

Worldsensing and SIGFOX Announce the World's Largest Intelligent Parking deployment with Micronet, the SIGFOX Network Operator for Russia

The Intelligent Parking solution in Moscow, now in its second year of operation, has proven the success of the combination of Worldsensing’s Fastprk solution and cost-effective, low-energy consuming SIGFOX connectivity.

Fastprk, the intelligent parking solution from Worldsensing, combined with the unique SIGFOX cellular based connectivity offer, has proven its success and is now in its second year of operation in Moscow.

The recent installation of 11,000 sensors, adding to the 4,000 sensors already deployed, equips the Russian capital with the world’s largest deployment of an Intelligent Parking solution.

This solution, in operation since November 2013, enables Moscow to reduce traffic in the city center. According to The Moscow Times, the Russian capital is the most congested city in the world, followed by Istanbul, Warsaw and Marseille.

The project is deployed, maintained and operated by Micronet, the SIGFOX Operator connecting Russia to the SIGFOX Global Network.

Moscow now benefits from Fastprk technology, which enables users to find a parking spot via a mobile app or through electronic street panels.

The solution also facilitates optimal management of urban parking areas by providing, for instance, information about the most frequented areas and times of the day. Furthermore, by reducing the time to find parking, traffic density is reduced and the user saves fuel and time, consequently reducing CO2 emissions, thus making the city greener, and a more pleasant place to live.

Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO of Worldsensing, says:

“With SIGFOX, FastPrk sensors no longer need any local network infrastructure, since they now connect directly to the FastPrk platform, thanks to out-of-the-box connectivity.”

According to Jaap Groot, SIGFOX VP Global Sales:

“Being chosen as the connectivity solution for this large scale project confirms our approach to smart cities’ needs for low power and plug&play connectivity.”

“We are confident that Micronet will roll out many more IoT projects on the SIGFOX network as our operator for Russia.”

The plan for the coming years is to continue to grow the number of sensors, providing continuity to this project, which is driving the city forward.

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