KORE Wireless powers new iStaySafe watch for keeping children safe

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KORE Wireless powers new iStaySafe watch for keeping children safe

Applying m2m principles for peace of mind.

For a parent, knowing where your children are at any time is paramount to their safety and your ability to sleep at night. It is easily achieved by providing them with a TicTocTrack™ watch, introduced to Australia by mother of two, Karen Cantwell and father of six, Simon Da Roza from iStaySafe.

The TicTocTrack™ watch allows parents to rest easy with the ability to know the location of their child through their personal computer or phone.

Director of iStaySafe, Karen Cantwell said TicTocTrack™ was designed to allow children to feel empowered when it comes to their own safety.

“Many parents face the same concerns, as they constantly worry about the whereabouts of their child at any particular time. I wanted to create a device that was easy to use and provided children with an opportunity to alert family members if they were in need.”

TicTocTrack watchMs Cantwell said:

“The watch contains a very small GPS tracking device that allows you to monitor where your child is if they have missed a bus, sports practice or haven’t arrived home on time, plus the discreet SOS button allows your child to alert you via SMS should they find themselves in trouble.”

Simon Da Roza said TicTocTrack&#0153 allows the parent to set safe areas, that if the child enters or leaves, alerts you via a simple SMS.

“The use of Google maps in this device allows us to create real time tracking to provide that extra peace of mind,” Mr Da Roza said.

The data and alerts are relayed through the KORE Wireless M2M network.

Vice President and General Manager of KORE Wireless (Asia Pacific), Shane Murphy said this type of device relies heavily on the instant communication and consistent coverage that can be achieved through cellular M2M.

“As the Internet of Things grows, the applications of wirelessly enabled devices are endless. Applying the basic principles and technology of an m2m solution to a problem such as “how do I keep my children safe?” is a great example of the increasingly consumer focussed applications that we see,” Mr Murphy said.

“Wearable technology is a huge growth area at the moment and we’re seeing the Australian market as an early adopter. As younger generations become more active and independent, now certainly seems like a good time for a product like TicTocTrack™.”

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