Schindler Elevators Ltd gains absolute transparency with M2M from Swisscom

Schindler Elevators Ltd gains absolute transparency with M2M from Swisscom

Schindler elevators move a billion people every day all over the globe. The company’s maintenance and emergency call management in Switzerland now uses the latest machine-to-machine (M2M) technology from Swisscom.

Martin Huonder, Head of Product Management Modernisation, at Schindler Elevators Ltd. says:

“With M2M we can monitor emergency calls as well as data traffic in real time, and offer customers a one-stop solution for everything from commissioning to elevator maintenance.”

Switzerland has the highest number of elevators per capita anywhere in the world, making it the ultimate “land of the elevator”. Schindler Elevators Ltd does its utmost to provide its customers with the highest safety standards and most comprehensive services. The company has consequently introduced a new emergency call and telemonitoring system in Switzerland that is based on Swisscom M2M technology. SIM cards fitted to elevator systems are the core element of the system. They transmit status information to a central connectivity management platform at regular intervals, as well as being able to send data on demand. Thanks to M2M technology and its associated platform, Schindler always has total transparency in monitoring elevator emergencies, as well as being able to identify faults in real time and take appropriate action.

One-stop solution – a boost to service and safety
Emergency calls and telemonitoring were previously linked by a fixed-line connection. However, that usually entailed high costs for installing retrofits and upgrades. This is no longer the case thanks to the new M2M solution: information now travels over Swisscom’s GSM mobile network, which also meets the highest availability and security requirements. Whereas building owners previously needed to order a fixed-line connection for the elevator emergency call device, elevators equipped with M2M are ready for service immediately after installation. This not only provides Schindler with a status overview of every elevator system, but also enables it to monitor and plan for communication costs. In this way the company is able to offer its customers a one-stop solution starting with manufacture and delivery, through assembly and maintenance, to managing emergency calls. In this way, Schindler is setting new standards in both quality of service and safety.

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