Podsystem launches new M2M solution for rapid expansion of M2M applications across EU and USA

Podsystem launches new M2M solution for rapid expansion of M2M applications across EU and USA

Flat rate data across both AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and multiple networks across the EU on one APN.

Podsystem, the expert in global mobile connectivity solutions has today launched a new solution from its specialist M2M division that allows its customers in both Europe and the USA to expand their M2M businesses outside their home markets by benefitting from a flat data rate on one APN across the EU and USA.

The solution includes a proprietary SIM card with “best signal”, multi-network connectivity across all countries in the EU, plus the USA at no additional cost. Combined with Podsystem’s “FreedoM-2-Manage” platform, which provides real-time granular control of M2M data usage, this is the first stage in a global solution designed to “put the control back into the hands of the M2M customer” by allowing them to own their multi-network SIM card (usually the property of the core network) and ultimately control access to multiple IMSIs with separate network infrastructures on the same SIM Over The Air (OTA).

Charles Towers-Clark, CEO of Podsystem Group commented:

“In addition to providing coverage across both continents at a price that enables M2M application providers to open new markets and grow their profits, Podsystem M2M provides unrivalled experience in supporting the development of M2M applications and enabling quick time to market.”

He continued:
“Our 14 years of experience in the M2M market have shown us that the main requirement for our customers is maximum control over the data connectivity of their devices. This is the first stage in a solution that will give them the ability to quickly change the profile of the SIM Over The Air in case of technical or commercial issues on the network, providing global control that will evolve with the development of their applications.”

New California office will offer extended business hours for global M2M customer service

An integral part of the service is the availability of Podsystem’s team of M2M specialists who provide expert consultancy and create customised M2M connectivity solutions across a wide variety of sectors. With the launch of Podsystem Inc. in the USA in January this year, and the new office based in San Francisco, California, the team is now able to provide service in the US market, as well as extending the business hours of Podsystem Group’s headquarters in the UK and office in Spain.

With a combined market of around 63.4 million M2M subscribers, the market opportunity for firms based in the EU or USA and looking to expand across the Atlantic is sizeable. However, due to varying tariffs and the need for a unique SIM card and APN, many M2M companies have not been able to capitalize on this opportunity until now.

Sam Colley, CEO of Podsystem Inc. added:
“The launch of our office in the USA allows us to offer the benefit of our experience of the M2M market in Europe to American companies wishing to expand overseas, in addition to extending our business hours for our existing customers in Europe. With the opening of this office we can now offer over 18 hours per day of uninterrupted customer service in addition to our 24/7 emergency support. Combined with our new M2M solution for expansion across both markets, we look forward to enabling our M2M customers to grow their businesses and open new markets worldwide.”

The Europe and USA M2M solution is available now from Podsystem.

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