Beer tank equipped with M2M technology from Swisscom takes care of refill orders itself

Beer tank equipped with M2M technology from Swisscom takes care of refill orders itself

The Feldschlösschen Beverages Group recently introduced an end-to-end M2M solution from the Swisscom M2M Centre of Competence that enables its Swiss customers to maintain their beer tanks more efficiently and to submit exact and timely orders for new deliveries.

The tanks themselves instantly trigger new orders when levels get low.

Technological developments not only influence the ways in which people communicate with each other, but also allow machinery and everyday objects to monitor things and exchange information with each other. Behind these developments lies Machine-to-Machine technology (M2M), which ensures improved efficiency, sustainability and security. This is the case at the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group, which supplies catering establishments and hotels with a selection of different beer brands.

Efficient ordering process and monitoring of beer tanks
Feldschlösschen is employing M2M technology at over 300 of its biggest clients in Switzerland. Sensors measure the filling level, temperature and pressure at the customer’s premises. The data are regularly synchronised with “myBeer”, an application developed specially for Feldschlösschen, using M2M technology. Simply by glancing at their tablet or smartphone, restaurateurs can see how their system is performing and react immediately should there be a temperature increase or fall in pressure. The current filling level can also be viewed in real time. Owners previously needed to check their beer tanks daily, which was not only time-consuming and required specialist know-how, but also meant that the filling level could not be precisely determined, which led to imprecise ordering. The M2M solution from Swisscom means that the tanks themselves can recognise when the beer is running low and instantly trigger a new order.

beer tank monitoringSatisfied customers and fewer transport kilometres
The M2M solution not only makes everyday life simpler for catering businesses and hotels, but also helps boost efficiency and reduce costs at Feldschlösschen. M2M prevents incorrect order entries and allows the company to optimise its delivery runs. As a result, the brewery will save thousands of transport kilometres each year, while simultaneously reducing its CO2 emissions.

Manfred Weiss, Services Director at the Feldschlösschen Beverages Group:
“Thanks to the M2M solution from Swisscom, we can also fulfil one of our customers’ greatest wishes – and hopefully we’ll soon be able to do so throughout Europe.”

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