ClearComm 2.0 takes 2G to 3G and Crosses Between CDMA and GSM

ClearComm 2.0 takes 2G to 3G and Crosses Between CDMA and GSM

ClearComm 2.0 has more capabilities and supports a wider range of devices and wireless technologies including 2G and 3G CDMA and GSM cellular networks and Mesh Networking.

ClearConnex, the innovative wireless M2M device engineering company is pleased to announce the next evolution of ClearComm, the mature, proven, hardware agnostic software platform.

Start Ahead and future proof technology with ClearComm

ClearComm 2.0 is built on top of ClearLink allowing it to move between different cellular technologies such as from 2G to 3G or CDMA to GSM. ClearComm 2.0 also supports non-cellular technologies like Mesh Networking, with WiFi, Bluetooth and satellite capabilities available later this year. ClearComm 2.0 supports over 60 different modules from Sierra Wireless, u-blox, Telit, Cinterion and Huawei.

ClearComm 2.0 is built on ClearOS which makes it operating system and micro controller independent and includes support for Linux, FreeRTOS, Blunk Microsystems TargetOS, Sierra Wireless OpenAT, and Microsoft Windows. In addition, ClearComm’s device agnostic protocol is integrated with over a dozen device management platforms including Axeda, Exosite, Gentrifi, GeoTelematic Solutions, GpsGate, MobileXus, SeeControl, SensorLogic, and Vistracks.

Ryan Rangel, President of ClearConnex, states:

“ClearComm’s value is its flexibility via its use of abstraction layers which allows for switching from 2G to 3G or CDMA to GSM without significant development. This is the definition of Starting Ahead.”  

“In addition, in the months to come we will be announcing ClearComm support for many devices from multiple modem manufacturers.”

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