RacoWireless Announces Launch of Cloud-Based IoT Development Tools

RacoWireless Announces Launch of Cloud-Based IoT Development Tools

Launch of Omega DevCloud to simplify and standardize the development of IoT and M2M applications.

RacoWireless, a global machine-to-machine (M2M) service provider, today announced that it will launch Omega DevCloud, facilitating communication with IoT applications in a standardized, easy-to-use environment. The new product will remove the historical obstacles to device communication by providing an intuitive interface that is able to take device messages and commands, in any format and on virtually any device, and translate the data into a standardized format, common to web developers.

“Our mission in everything that we do is to ‘make it easy’, and with the launch of Omega DevCloud, we are once again taking the complicated and making it easy,” said John Horn, president of RacoWireless.
“We see a very fragmented space as companies and individuals from all backgrounds are clamoring to adopt connected technologies. However, it has been a challenge for many to get to market because of the lack of industry standards and high upfront development costs. With the launch of Omega DevCloud, we are changing all of that.”

The new set of cloud-based tools, housed in RacoWireless’ award-winning Omega Management Suite, will dramatically simplify communication with M2M devices by wrapping complex, socket-based protocols in a standards-based and fully customizable restful API.

Raco’s Director of Software Engineering, Adam Schaible described the product:

“Omega DevCloud is a web-based REST/JSON API built on a hardened bi-directional M2M communication core that supports both TCP and UDP protocols. It’s as easy as sending device traffic to us and telling us what your API should look like. From there, you can send and receive device data with simple web services.”

Using standardized communication protocols, Omega DevCloud takes any data infrastructure and translates it into a common web language, allowing support to virtually any device, regardless of connectivity method.

“That is what is really exciting and game-changing about this product: it works for anyone, on any device,” added Horn. “No longer do developers need custom integration for specific devices, with DevCloud we’ve created a ubiquitous standard for IoT application development.”

DevCloud will be hosted in enterprise-level data centers that ensure that adopters are able to support mission-critical M2M and IoT applications that require full redundancy and critical-level security, while eliminating the need for significant expenses on costly data infrastructure.

The product will be made available to the general public in September. Early adopters can pre-register today at www.racowireless.com.

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