MultiTech Launches New Technology, Partnerships, and Branding

MultiTech Launches New Technology, Partnerships, and Branding

Enhancements Position the Company for Accelerated Growth and Entry into New Markets.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. (MultiTech), a leading provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology platforms supporting applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), today revealed a number of corporate initiatives at Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the event, the company is showcasing a number of new products, new partnerships, and a new go-to-market approach designed to generate new demand, accelerate growth, and expand its share of the M2M market. The results represent a significant return on the company’s investment in recruiting a new leadership team, led by CEO Rod Landers.

New Technology Platforms
One of the exciting new products launched is the MultiConnect® Conduit™, which highlights several innovations in the company’s IoT gateway technology platform:

  • A configurable, cellular-enabled hardware platform featuring interchangeable mCard™ interfaces, initially including Bluetooth®, LoRa®, Ethernet, and serial cable technologies to support mass customization on a standard hardware platform
  • The M2M industry’s first online application store, DeviceHQ™, to enable developers to easily acquire pre-developed applications to manage the Conduit hardware and connect numerous devices
  • Two environments for custom application development including CoreCDP®, MultiTech’s custom Linux kernel, and a streamlined drag-and-drop interface powered by IBM’s Node-RED technology
  • Associated low-power, low-frequency RF endpoints known as mDots™, which are small, battery-powered devices that can operate in the field for up to 7 years and able to communicate with the Conduit gateway at distances over 10 miles

Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of mDots and other sensors and transmit their data over the cellular network to the customer’s preferred data management platform, making it an ideal M2M communications platform to power IoT expansion.

The company has also announced the introduction of MultiConnect® Dragonfly™, a cellular system-on-module compatible with ARM’s mbed software library, and the SocketModem® Shield to adapt either Dragonfly™ or MultiTech’s SocketModem® LTE cellular capabilities to Arduino shield compatible microcontrollers.  With these, and the introduction of other award-winning products such as theQuickCarrier™ USB-D cellular dongle, MultiTech has dramatically simplified the integration and management of cellular M2M capabilities for developers and IT professionals.

New Partnerships
Many of MultiTech’s new hardware and software innovations stem from the company’s focus on developing and enhancing key IoT ecosystem relationships. In the past year, MultiTech has engaged IoT providers such as IBM, ARM, Telit, Verizon, Semtech, and a number of application enablement platform providers. These relationships further enhance the reach, performance, and ease-of-use of the company’s technology platforms. “We want to make it dead-simple to use our products,” said CEO Rod Landers. “The capabilities these partnerships provide allow developers using our hardware to design deployable applications literally at the speed of thought.”

New Corporate Identity
To better represent the changes being made in products and management at MultiTech, leadership determined that it was time to evolve the corporate identity. The new identity system reflects the company’s three main brand attributes:

  1. MultiTech is customer driven
  2. MultiTech products are easy to use
  3. MultiTech ecosystem partnerships simplify application deployment

These ideas are reflected in the new company tagline, CREATE – CONNECT – COMMUNICATE, which speaks to the customer’s IoT application development process.

CREATE: As a customer driven organization, MultiTech is committed to providing the hardware and software tools developers need to turn their ideas into deployable applications. The DeviceHQ™ application store, Node-RED application development interface, the SocketModem® Shield adaptor shield, and the mbed compatible MultiConnect® Dragonfly™ are recent examples of the company’s dedication to the development community.

CONNECT: With products that are easy to use, MultiTech hardware supports wireless connectivity right out of the box. Recent introductions, such as the award-winning QuickCarrier™ USB Dongle, offer plug-and-play global cellular connectivity on all major carrier networks, and the SocketModem® Universal Socket® footprint offers customers the ability to easily upgrade the connectivity of their applications to new cellular technologies including LTE.

COMMUNICATE: By integrating ecosystem suppliers, operators, and platform providers, MultiTech makes it easy for developers and IT professionals to provision, manage, and update deployed applications. New partnerships with IBM BlueMix, AT&T M2X, and Telit M2M Air Cloud simplify data collection and management, while partnerships with ARM mbed and IBM Node-RED simplify provisioning and updating devices for deployment. Finally, DeviceHQ™ offers the other companies the ability to provide applications to connect platforms, sensors, and devices to the MultiConnect® Conduit™ hardware.

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