SkyWave Unveils Comprehensive Cellular Gateway Platform for Remote Data Management and M2M Communications

SkyWave Unveils Comprehensive Cellular Gateway Platform for Remote Data Management and M2M Communications

The SG-7100 provides advanced connectivity and data analysis capabilities to connect remote people, equipment and the enterprise system.

SkyWave Mobile Communications, a global provider of wireless data communications for the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market, today introduced the SG-7100 at Super Mobility Week powered by CTIA. The cellular gateway platform takes the next step in M2M communications for fleet management, in-cab messaging, workflow automation, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications. Whether driving better data for fleet management operations or moving beyond redundant SCADA status checking and alerts, the SG-7100 enables intelligent M2M data distribution between remote workers and assets with enterprise applications in a way never before possible.

The powerfully smart, fully programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway is the only platform that provides an inclusive array of options to integrate, collect and analyze smart data. For service providers and end-users across a multitude of industries, the SG-7100 delivers unrivalled flexibility with the inclusion of multiple development tools and programming languages to build connectors to M2M applications.

The newest offering sets a new standard in M2M mobile technology development by combining both new and existing SkyWave technology. Within one device, the SG-7100 provides:

  • Modular Hardware Architecture – The SG-7100’s flexible and robust M2M communications platform modular hardware architecture offers multiple configuration options for cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and Ethernet networking. The available port options, including one-wire, serial, USB, Ethernet, digital and analog, enable in-field and LAN communications to local equipment, networks and sensors.
  • Next Generation Programmability and Configurability – The integrated SkyWave Lua Services Framework and open Linux environment make easy development and integration of custom M2M applications possible. The cost-effective solution allows moving from self-contained small M2M message formats to a robust Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solution.
  • Web-server Integration – The SG-7100 includes a device agnostic web server that supports a variety of workforce automation functions, including electronic forms. A web application built with HTML5 can support most smartphones, tablets and laptops without requiring separate versions for each platform.

“As our world becomes smaller, or at least more connected, our customers turn to us to develop new and innovative ways to incorporate our reliable and cost-effective M2M communications technologies,” said Sue Rutherford, Vice President, Marketing.

“The SG-7100 represents the next generation for SkyWave solutions. Regardless of where the remote points reside on an enterprise’s map, we provide the communications options that set the standard for richer information delivery between applications, solutions and services.”

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