Hirschmann Solutions Presents New Container and Trailer Tracking Module

Hirschmann Solutions Presents New Container and Trailer Tracking Module

Autonomous asset tracking solution for intermodal transportation of goods – seamless monitoring of containers and trailers during transportation.

Valuable cargo always in clear view, anywhere in the world – with its new asset tracking modules, Hirschmann Solutions will present innovative retrofitting modules to be used for the reliable monitoring of the loading and transportation of goods being transported regionally and worldwide. At the leading trade fair Intermodal Europe held in Rotterdam, Hirschmann Solutions’ new asset tracking solution (booth C70) will be one of the booth highlights. For the first time, the company will present a model of an asset tracking unit that is ready for series production, which can be used when transporting goods in containers and on trailers, chassis, and trains. The highly robust module operates completely autonomously and supplies sensor-controlled information on movements, temperature, and vibrations as well as location data.

The asset tracking module can be mounted quickly and securely in a steel groove in the container door, for example. The installation time can be kept to a minimum. Different mounting options are available depending on where the module is being used. An integrated safety sensor protects the module from tampering and theft. As soon as someone tries to remove the tracking module, it immediately emits an alarm. The same happens when the container door is opened without permission during transportation. With its very robust design – the housing complies with the IP 67 standard and is UV-resistant – the device is suitable for use in extremely harsh environments, in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. A scratch-resistant and shock-proof solar panel combined with an innovative battery concept supplies the energy that is required. This intelligent and sustainable power management system therefore ensures a long useful life of up to 15 years and a high level of data security.

Within the housing, state-of-the-art antenna and transmission technology provides reliable measurement data – the same Hirschmann Solutions technology that is already in use in over 250,000 containers worldwide. Data is transmitted reliably and directly to the asset management systems via the 2G/3G GSM network. These systems analyze the data and make it available to the freight carrier, shipping company, or forwarding agent.

The module can also be equipped with other modems for satellite communication – for example, with the Hirschmann System ITAS (Iridium transceiver antenna system) for the Iridium satellite service. Thanks to the OTA approach (over the air programming), firmware and software updates are easy to install from the central system. It is possible to change network provider with the minimum of effort because the module is equipped with a SIM chip. An upgrade to 4G networks will be made available in the near future. This means that mobile goods being transported by road, rail, and water can be tracked and monitored seamlessly around the world.

In addition to the modules’ standard components, which already meet the majority of requirements with regard to asset tracking applications, other components are also available depending on where the module is being used: External antenna for satellite communication, external battery packs, sensors for specific applications, and various mounting and storage options.

Laurie Burns, Head of the Solutions business unit at Hirschmann Car Communication, explains:

“With our new asset tracking technology, we can offer logistics companies, network providers, and solution providers sustainable and powerful modules for the monitoring of valuable cargo.”

“All solutions are based on a platform concept, meaning that tailor-made modules can be developed for our customers depending on how they are going to be used.”

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