TomTom Extends Product Portfolio with the Launch of Online Navigation

TomTom Extends Product Portfolio with the Launch of Online Navigation

TomTom has extended its location-based services product portfolio with an online turn-by-turn navigation service for customers who want to offer a navigation application on a connected device, without having to store a large offline map.

As well as integrating TomTom’s existing navigation software and service products, such as NavKit, NavKit Worker and NavCloud, customers and developers can now integrate TomTom’s online turn-by-turn navigation. This also includes TomTom’s latest maps, real-time traffic, best-in-class routing, a comprehensive search function and easy-to-use software development kits.

TomTom’s new online navigation service enables mobile device vendors and web service providers to provide online mapping and navigation applications that don’t require an offline map. The new service is also well-suited for products in the emerging wearables and internet-of-things product categories.

In support of this product line extension TomTom has expanded its relationship with deCarta.

“By offering an online service for our maps, turn-by-turn navigation and traffic information we can better support the needs of our customers,” said Charles Cautley, Managing Director of TomTom Licensing.

“This extension of our product portfolio gives our customers the most flexible and complete end-to-end location-based services available today.”

The new service will be available to TomTom’s customers and developers starting today.

In addition, TomTom will also provide an online turn-by-turn navigation application to the market.

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