Deutsche Telekom launches European M2M partner program

The goal of Deutsche Telekom’s European M2M Partner Program, which the company launches today, is to market locally successful M2M solutions across the whole of Europe.

News highlights:

  • New partner program to market M2M solutions across Europe
  • Thirty-four solutions from 15 partners launched
  • Local M2M partner programs nominate European partners

The program is targeting providers of solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication who already have a successful partnership with a Deutsche Telekom Group national company. The program supports the nominated partners with technical training, international communication and Europe-wide distribution. Thirty-four solutions from 15 partners are available at the program launch, ranging from tracking solutions for forklifts through to services for managing sensor data.

Oliver Gediehn, Vice President Business Marketing Europe, Deutsche Telekom, says:

“The new program enables us to offer our local customers a broader range of tried-and-tested M2M solutions.”

“At the same time, it allows us to assist partners our national companies already work together with effectively at local level in making their business more international.”

Solution providers from Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary were nominated as partners at the launch of the program. This entitles them to bear the Deutsche Telekom Partner logo and means they will benefit from additional support at European level.

The candidates must meet a number of requirements to qualify for nomination as European partners, one being an existing member of a Deutsche Telekom national company M2M partner program.

“We ensure from the outset that the candidates are in a position to provide international customers with the same level of quality that we found so persuasive in their local markets,” explains Gediehn. For example, Deutsche Telekom Group agrees target KPIs with the companies that decide whether they remain in the European partner program, and reviews those KPIs once a year.

The new program is an important step for Deutsche Telekom toward pooling the growing assortment of M2M solutions at European level. “This way of working together with reliable partners represents a groundbreaking approach to M2M solutions business,” says Gediehn. “It enables us to combine specialized industry knowledge with our high-availability networks, M2M technologies and services within our European footprint.”

At the end of the day, it is customers who will derive the greatest benefit from the program: Deutsche Telekom’s European program will function like a magnet in the increasingly complex M2M landscape, attracting only those solutions that have proven their worth.

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