Gemalto dramatically simplifies global rollout for Swiss connected watch

Gemalto dramatically simplifies global rollout for Swiss connected watch

Gemalto’s MIM and Subscription Management solution provide rapid mobile product deployment, worldwide, with a single design. Efficient manufacturing, streamlined supply chain and easy global product marketing.

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has been selected by Limmex, a Swiss provider of personal safety solutions, to enable M2M connectivity for a revolutionary emergency watch in a pilot project with leading mobile operator Swisscom. The Limmex watch supports people with particular care or security needs such as children, VIPs, lonely workers, the elderly or individuals with health problems by triggering an emergency call to friends or family at the push of a button.

Gemalto will provide its Cinterion MIM (Machine Identification Module) and LinqUs On-Demand Provisioning Service, which removes the need for manufacturers to create numerous device variants and profiles. This simplifies the manufacturing process as it enables the cellular connection of devices in a specific country after they have been deployed to consumers. In that way, it enables Limmex to deploy a single product design across multiple markets quickly and easily.

Limmex watch with emergency buttonLimmex products look like traditional Swiss watches with the ability to trigger an emergency call by pressing the watch face. It features a built-in microphone and loudspeaker to enable communication with the defined emergency contact.

“We work with multiple operators, producing different product variants for each country and region we serve,” said Dr. Martin Reber, CEO for Limmex.

“With Gemalto’s solution, we can enjoy more efficient manufacturing, a streamlined supply chain, and the freedom to quickly and easily market our product worldwide.”

“Swisscom M2M is committed to assuring that customers such as Limmex have access to the products and support they need to grow their business,” stated Jaap Vossen, Acting Head of M2M at Swisscom.

“Through our M2M product portfolio and by working with partners such as Gemalto, we are able to deliver all of the tools necessary for our customers’ success, whether regionally or globally concentrated.”

Benoit Jouffrey, Vice President On-Demand Connectivity for Gemalto, said:

​”The compact form factor of the Gemalto MIM is ideal for space-constrained M2M applications and the consumer electronics sector.”

“Our flexible subscription management solution can be tailored to meet any customer’s specific deployment needs, and is particularly well suited to the truly global, highly mobile Limmex product.”

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