Danlaw, Telit and BNV Mobility announce partnership for myJINI mobility service in the Netherlands

Danlaw, Telit and BNV Mobility announce partnership for myJINI mobility service in the Netherlands

BNV Mobility, Telit and Danlaw today announced a partnership to allow myJINI customers to monitor and improve their driving style.

myJINI is BNV Mobility’s recently introduced mobility service which will go live in the Netherlands in January 2015. myJINI rewards conscientious drivers with JINI$, the brand´s loyalty points, to encourage smarter driving.

The purpose of myJINI is to encourage customers to drive safer (less harsh accelerations, less hard braking and outside of rush hours), and more cost efficient (save on fuel and maintenance). This will be achieved by the myJINI Connector and the personal online myJINI dashboard, which provide insight.

The new and innovative element of this service is that customers will be rewarded with JINI$ when they improve their driving behavior. JINI$ can be spent on cash-back on fuel (up to 15 cents per liter) and car insurance premiums (up to 25% of premium) making the rewards very tangible. By providing clear information about driving behavior and mobility costs, customers will be able to save money, drive safe and contribute to a sustainable use of mobility.

The myJINI connector consists of a small, connected Danlaw device, incorporating a Telit module and m2mAIR Mobile SIM card. The device will be plugged into the OBD port of the car to monitor and give feedback on people’s driving habits, while saving on mobility costs at the same time.

The service will make its debut in January 2015 in the Netherlands, where people will be rewarded additionally for not driving during rush hour. This makes the myJINI service interesting for the local government to sponsor.

JD Hassan, Director of International Business Development at Danlaw Inc., said:

“This concept is new and innovative worldwide, especially when it comes to rewarding people for their improved behavior instead of penalizing them. The Netherlands is leading the way with these kind of innovative mobility services, integrating the interests of consumers, businesses and government in one service. BNV Mobility has done a great job aligning these interests.”

“Telit is very pleased to bring both hardware and services to such an exciting new mobility services business. We are looking forward to working together to enable BNV Mobility to achieve their promising goals and jointly develop and extend the possibilities of a connected car, in terms of increased serviceability and enhanced quality of experience to the end customer”, said Dan Amir, Manager, Telit, m2mAIR Mobile Business Unit.

Dirk Grevink, CEO of BNV Mobility and founder of myJINI said:
“Mobility services are growing in importance. With this strategic partnership in place we can gain leverage from each other’s markets and experiences, and therefore create a stronger mobility services proposition for our end customers, both now and in the near future.”

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