Mind Commerce Reveals Outlook for M2M and IoT in Latest Edition of Report

Mind Commerce Reveals Outlook for M2M and IoT in Latest Edition of Report

Mind Commerce sees total M2M related revenue growing from $37.9B USD in Year 2014 to $102.3B USD in Year 2019 with a CAGR of twenty-two percent.

The top industry sectors by revenue through 2019 are expected to be healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.

The three are verticals are anticipated to accrue $10.6B USD, $9.2B USD, and $8.5B USD respectively in year 2019. This represents a share of 19.2%, 16.6%, and 15.4% respectively.

Mind Commerce recommends that mobile operators focus on these key sectors for three important reasons, which are in priority order:
(1) These are the largest sectors from a service provider revenue contribution perspective,
(2) These are sectors that mobile operators already have important business relationships in terms of enterprise mobility customers,
and (3) Mobile operators are anticipated to leverage their relationships with enterprise customers in these sectors to offer bundled M2M and LTE/LTE-A (voice and data) service plans for employees, thus preserving mobile operator core revenue streams in these market verticals.

Written by industry experts who have actually designed, implemented and operated M2M applications, the End-to-End M2M, Seventh Edition provides invaluable information for anyone seeking to better understand the technology, applications, business and regulatory issues.  This research distinguishes itself from other publications on this topic by providing the reader with an understanding of M2M, the technologies involved in M2M, reasons to use M2M, key M2M applications, challenges in deploying M2M, and more.  The report includes forecast data for the period 2014 – 2019 with analysis of key drivers, success factors, and industry dynamics.

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