TELUS launches Canada’s first Internet of Things marketplace for businesses


TELUS’ newest innovation will dramatically accelerate implementation of IoT solutions with turn-key offerings from leading technology companies.

TELUS is helping Canadian businesses accelerate their adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology with the launch of the TELUS IoT Marketplace – an online space offering turn-key IoT solutions from cutting-edge innovators and industry-leading technology companies. For businesses, the TELUS IoT Marketplace will simplify the complexity of IoT and allow them to quickly deploy a solution to help reduce costs and enhance their efficiency, productivity and profitability. For developers and IoT technology providers, the marketplace will provide an instant sales channel, with lead generation, the support of TELUS’ sales and marketing teams, and integrated billing.

“IoT technology has tremendous potential to make Canadian businesses more productive and profitable, but amidst the hype and predictions it can be challenging to know where to start,” said Shawn Sanderson, TELUS’ vice-president of Internet of Things.

“With the TELUS IoT Marketplace, we’ve carefully selected some of the most innovative IoT technology on the market and packaged it as ready-to-implement solutions; making it easier for businesses to take advantage of this game-changing technology.”

Notwithstanding the significant exposure and promise attached to IoT, Canadian businesses have been slow to embrace the technology. An IDC study commissioned by TELUS earlier this year revealed that only 13 per cent of Canadian businesses will have deployed an IoT solution by the end 2014. A surge of growth is expected however, with an additional 30 per cent looking to deploy in the next two years and Canadian IoT spending to reach $21 billion by the end of 2018.

The TELUS IoT Marketplace has the potential to greatly accelerate adoption by Canadian businesses by making it easier, faster and less expensive to implement an IoT solution. TELUS has done the research and back-end integration to shorten deployment time from months to just a few days, and services purchased from the marketplace can conveniently appear as a monthly charge on a TELUS bill – meaning businesses don’t have to invest in up-front capital expenditures.

At launch, the TELUS IoT Marketplace will feature 38 solutions across multiple industries, including:

  • fleet management solutions to improve driver safety and reduce fuel costs
  • oil and gas solutions to monitor and improve pipeline safety
  • retail solutions to optimize store traffic and increase sales
  • restaurant solutions to improve food safety
  • construction solutions to track high-value assets and reduce losses
  • public safety solutions to connect and coordinate emergency responders

TELUS is actively onboarding new partners and plans to add solutions on a weekly basis.

The TELUS IoT Marketplace is one of several significant innovations TELUS will bring to the IoT space. In addition to launching the IoT Marketplace, TELUS is building a vibrant ecosystem with other IoT leaders – working with major global players like Accenture, IBM, Cisco and Intel – to bring the best of IoT to Canada. As an example, TELUS has signed a deal with Jasper – a pioneer and global leader in IoT – to provide customers and partners with the world’s leading platform for managing their connected devices.

“TELUS is leading the way in bringing the world’s best IoT technology to Canada,” added Mr. Sanderson.
“Our strategy builds on the multi-billion-dollar investments we’ve made in spectrum, network infrastructure, next-generation data centres, IT security and healthcare technology, and ensures Canadians will be able capitalize on the full potential IoT has to offer.”

The TELUS IoT Marketplace can be found at

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