Meridium APM Connect, ICE Drive Intelligent Integration, Making M2M Connections Simple and Powerful

Meridium APM Connect, ICE Drive Intelligent Integration, Making M2M Connections Simple and Powerful

First APM enterprise service bus centralizes APM connection, monitoring, logging and scheduling.

Meridium®, Inc., the global leader in asset performance management (APM) software and services, today announced the availability of APM Connect®, the first APM enterprise service bus, creating the APM market’s only agile, flexible device- and system-agnostic platform to drive accurate M2M communication between heterogeneous applications and across complex IT landscapes. APM Connect is the first solution from Meridium’s new Integration Center of Excellence (ICE), a centralized, global shared services organization focused on all aspects of integration development, support and services.

Chris DeFalco, Meridium Director of Product Management, explained the critical need for an APM enterprise service bus:
“Connecting valuable data from different sources using a myriad of standards and protocols is complex and expensive to build, implement and maintain. APM Connect was developed to simplify this process and break down silos of asset data, integrating Meridium APM directly with virtually any data source.”

“Whether the connection need is a simple data load into Meridium Enterprise APM, deployed on premises, hosted or in the cloud; or a complex integration with intelligent assets, devices, complex control, measurement and/or sensing systems, an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, or a connection to a process historian, companies must connect, collect, monitor, analyze and share data in the most efficient way possible to remain competitive by converting that data into actionable, meaningful information.”

APM Connect delivers a simplified, scalable framework with integrated management tools and capabilities that initially will:

  • Standardize connectors that understand how to load customer data into Meridium Enterprise APM solutions
  • Centralize capabilities for configuring connections, monitoring, logging, and scheduling data transfer jobs
  • Provide common interfaces for standardized capabilities across all Meridium Enterprise APM solutions

Subsequent versions of APM Connect will offer additional capabilities to:

  • Enable business users to perform common tasks like defining data mappings and creating data transformation logic
  • Provide plug and play connectivity to devices and other heterogeneous applications and systems

According to Sunith Roy, Meridium VP of Integration:
“We’re pleased to announce Meridium’s Integration Center of Excellence (ICE) simultaneously with APM Connect, because it is a natural extension of this exciting integration solution and will serve as the basis for intelligent integration services by Meridium’s product development, sales, services, partners and global support services. APM Connect and ICE’s seasoned integration architects will significantly expedite a customer’s time to value, since only Meridium has both the tools and the talent to simplify M2M communications.”

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