Cimetrics introduces Analytika for the Internet of Things

Cimetrics introduces Analytika for the Internet of Things

Building upon its deep expertise in open protocol connectivity, interoperability and analytics, Cimetrics is now able to connect, extract and analyze data from thousands of products, engineered systems and systems of systems – “things”.

Cimetrics has a long history of providing data analytics solutions for buildings and manufacturing processes. Analytika for IoT extends these capabilities to address the needs of designers, manufacturers, owners and operators of all kinds of “things”.

Analytika IoT is a production scale analytics platform that is scalable, flexible and secure. Analytika for IoT provides model-based analytics that go beyond statistical and other traditional analytical methods. Models representing the underlying physics of the product or engineered system, allow deeper understanding of cause and effect.

Analytika for IoT provides the capability to rapidly build and evolve models of physical world things. Sophisticated algorithms then analyze incoming data, identify opportunities, determine root cause and deliver insights through rich visualizations and notifications. Analytika for IoT provides a variety of cost saving and revenue-enhancing value propositions for the Internet of Things.

Examples of these value propositions include:

  • Operating lifecycle management. Regardless if our client’s product is a toaster oven, home appliance or a complex engineered system like a building, oil pipeline, train or bridge, Analytika connects to it securely and provides information and insights about how the “thing” is performing in the field. Analytika for IoT predicts when maintenance is required, determines what spare parts and consumables are needed and when they must be procured, ensuring long life and cost effective operation.
  • Customer and product segmentation. Analytika for IoT provides unprecedented access and insight into how end customers are using our client’s product or engineered system. This information allows clients to better segment their customer base and it informs the design of future products that are targeted at finer customer segments, hence enhancing competitive advantage.
  • Product as a service. Innovative manufacturers are going beyond operating lifecycle management and optimization of their field service delivery model, to rethinking how value is delivered to their customer. Analytika for IoT provides the capability to analyze product and field service data and to derive insights about how the product is being utilized and what value is being delivered to the end user. Such insights enable manufacturers to deliver “products as a service”, enabling new recurring revenue streams. For example, using Analytika, a manufacturer of MRI equipment, is able to deliver images as a service.

Jim Lee, Founder and CEO, said:

“For 25 years, Cimetrics has been an innovator and industry leader in physical world data analytics – now known as the Internet of Things. We are thrilled to be able to extend our capabilities and we are excited about the opportunity to play our part in enabling the future of smart, connected products, systems and systems of systems.”

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