MultiTech, Aeris and Future Electronics Launch the First Pre-Activated and Pre-Paid Communication Products

MultiTech, Aeris and Future Electronics Launch the First Pre-Activated and Pre-Paid Communication Products

A New “All in One Bundle” Reinforces MultiTech’s Commitment to Ease of Use for Customers.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of M2M/IoT devices with the shortest path to deploy wireless communications, today announced a joint partnership with Aeris and Future Electronics to make available pre-activated and pre-paid cellular communication devices.

Future Electronics, a leading distributor of M2M products, stocks a variety of MultiTech cellular modems, routers, and gateways in both CDMA and GSM technologies which include 10MB of cellular data available for use for 90 days on the Aeris Cellular network.

MultiTech, Aeris and Future are the first to provide an out-of-box, pre-activated solution for either CDMA or GSM products. Customers interested in GSM can use a pre-paid data SIM card in various MultiTech products. Companies using CDMA technology will only need to connect the device, apply power and begin passing data. All the work has been done for customers, including pre-activating the device and pre-paying for the data. This eliminates complexity and the need for customers to contact a cellular carrier to obtain a cellular data account for testing and evaluation.

Vice President of Sales, Duane Wald, said:

“This “it-just-works” product portfolio reinforces MultiTech’s commitment toward making communications easy for our customers. These are great products for engineers, developers and creators who want to get started quickly on their development and evaluation.”

“Our customers want immediate cellular data access for their products and the ability to quickly and easily test and evaluate the manufacturers solutions beforehand,” said Kelly Murphy, Director of Marketing for Future Connectivity Solutions. “They appreciate MultiTech, Aeris and Future working together to make it quick and easy to test, evaluate and get their products to market.”

The products are available immediately at Future Electronics by searching on “pre-activated” when visiting the Future Electronics website.

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