77% of IoT Professionals see Interoperability as the biggest challenge facing IoT

77% of IoT Professionals see Interoperability as the biggest challenge facing IoT

After surveying hundreds of multinational corporations, start-ups and SMEs in the space, IoT Nexus found that 77% of respondents saw interoperability as the biggest challenge facing the internet of things.

In the nascent industry of the internet of things, the presence of multiple communication technologies and the absence of universal standards mean interoperability is one of the most critical and complex aspects of future of the market.
As major players seek to secure profits in the Internet of Things, the industry has developed in silos. This has resulted in creating complexity in combining solutions and slowing down the time to market for application makers. This will be of major concern to all players in the IoT market as they seek to find value.

Neil Postlethwaite, Internet of Things Foundation Product Manager at IBM, comments:

“If you look at what’s currently happening in the marketplace, there is something of a Wild West approach to protocols, standards and device types. It is going to take some time for that to coalesce…. I absolutely agree that interoperability is a problem in the market today… openness is the key to solving the problem of interoperability in IoT.”

CMO of GE, John Magee also notes the efforts of groups like the Industrial Internet Consortium in their experiments with interoperability.
“The Industrial Internet Consortium, is looking at some of the requirements (for interoperability) and test cases across different portfolios. That’s an important body for driving future interoperability”, he comments.

The question how to construct an integrated ecosystem is a key theme of the upcoming IoT Nexus: Interoperability event taking place in San Francisco on June 17-18 2015. Confirmed speakers include senior level decision makers from Cisco, Intel, ARM, IBM, Siemens, Accenture, Dell and Samsung, board members from all the major industry consortiums and innovative IoT application makers. The newly released agenda and speaker line up and results of the survey are available on the IoT Nexus: Interoperability website here http://bit.ly/1D2TdG6

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