OMA Members Demo Unique Enabling Technologies at Mobile World Congress

OMA Members Demo Unique Enabling Technologies at Mobile World Congress

See the Power of Open Standards in Wireless at the World’s Largest Industry Event.

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) will showcase unique demonstrations from ten OMA member companies at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Exhibiting in Hall 8.1, stand K52, members of the alliance will demonstrate how products and services enabled by standards developed at OMA have boosted their market success and kept them in the forefront of technology in a world evolving rapidly towards true integration of mobile with M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As the market has seen a dramatic increase in M2M technology, a new communication protocol, Lightweight M2M (LWM2M), has been introduced by OMA. This new standard acts as a communications protocol between LWM2M software clients embedded on a range of M2M devices and their M2M management platforms.

Member companies will demonstrate at this year’s congress how they have been making use of the protocol.

Smith Micro will demonstrate how they use the LWM2M Enabler on their context-driven marketing platform, NetWise Captivate. The platform, paired with an expert system on the user’s device, enables you to detect real-time context and consumer intent for personalized marketing campaigns. LWM2M is a key enabler of the system, adding modularity and configurability to campaign set-up.

NetComm Wireless will demonstrate their M2M LTE router showing how the router runs the embedded LWM2M client to support remote device management via the open-source LWM2M server. NetComm Wireless will run the LWM2M client on a notebook at the demo station to give visitors an insight into its capabilities.

Highlighting the applicability of OMA Enablers for automotive applications, Redbend will demonstrate their over-the-air software management platform designed for the automotive, IoT and mobile industries. The platform will highlight Redbend’s core Smart Delta and Virtualization technologies together with OMA standards FUMO, SCOMO and VirMO. With software management, the OEM benefits from production efficiencies and reduced recalls while, in conjunction, the dealership saves time and money, and the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can offer services based on existing OMA Device Management (OMA-DM) infrastructure.

Demonstrating the revolutionary new OMA GotAPI, OMA member Vuzix will live stream video and audio from its M100 Smart Glasses to a remote PC browser window. The GotAPI framework allows web-based device APIs in smart devices like the Vuzix M100 to work seamlessly across multiple platforms and operating systems. This open architecture allows developers to write less complex applications for smart devices while expanding market reach.

Comverse will present another OMA API demonstration showing how to bridge between the world of Machines (Internet of Things) and 4G mobiles, making it possible for mobile operators to monetize M2M services in their network using the Rich Communication Suite (RCS) Network APIs.

Mformation will be demonstrating its uniquely scalable, high-performance solution for managing the Internet of Things through its standards-based device management platform, IMPACT. This platform performs key device activation and configuration, software update and remote diagnostics functions on billions of connected M2M devices used in a wide range of industries. The IMPACT solution supports multiple OMA Enablers including OMA LWM2M and Device Management (OMA-DM) infrastructure to manage cloud-based services or mission critical operator functionality.

Also demonstrating two OMA Enablers is Friendly Technologies. They will showcase their IOT/M2M line of products that features OMA-DM Client, LWM2M Client and Device Management Server. The second solution is an OMA-DM client and server platform designed for managing Smartphones and other mobile devices including BYOD.

Alcatel-Lucent will demonstrate their customer experience management (CEM) solutions for LTE/VoLTE/RCS. These solutions have OMA-DM and LWM2M Enablers and can manage a broad range of devices, ranging from smartphones and M2M devices to small cells and home networking equipment.

Redstone has two demonstrations based on the OMA-DM standards, the first of which is Redstone Over-the-Air (RSOTA) and shows how common problems like system security bugs can be quickly and easily fixed with this system. The second demonstration is focused on the health cloud and shows how Redstone’s over-the air wireless upgrading capacity can enable healthcare applications.

CSR will be showing its indoor location platform, SiRFusion, which uses the OMA Secure User Plane Location (SUPL) Enabler for location aiding and standard OMA interfaces for data transfer. Through the fusion of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems), GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), Wi-Fi and other signals of opportunity, the SiRFusion solution provides high quality continuous indoor location.

OMA will launch and demo its widely anticipated OMA Developer Toolkit designed to make OMA Enablers more accessible and easier to use for application developers. The toolkit provides tools such as a client/server emulator, an editor to create profile data, a GitHub code and specifications repository, a lab kit of examples of how to use LWM2M, a sandbox server for testing implementations, a user community and a listing of open source projects based on LWM2M.

Furthermore, demonstrating the revolutionary OMA Developer Toolkit in use is HOP Ubiquitous offering their LabKit composed of sensors, libraries and examples to ensure the developer community has the resources to build their own OMA LWM2M-based implementations. HOP Ubiquitous showcases the value of OMA LWM2M by enabling Bluetooth Smart devices to interact with the resources of mobile apps and remote severs.

The OMA stand will be located at Hall 8.1 K52 between aisles J and K just around the corner from the popular App Lounge and Damm Bar.

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