Friendly Technologies to Demonstrate Its IoT/M2M Product Line at the MWC 2015

Friendly Technologies to Demonstrate Its IoT/M2M Product Line at the MWC 2015

One platform. Any type of IoT/M2M device. Multiple standard protocols.

Friendly Technologies will be joining other industry leaders at the upcoming MWC 2015 and demonstrating its Internet of Things/M2M line of products, which provide an end-to-end solution for IoT/M2M device management that is based on international standards. Friendly’s IoT/M2M platform enables the remote management of any device type and provides comprehensive support for smart metering, healthcare-related devices and security-oriented systems, as well as handling constrained devices with limited RAM, connectivity and power capacity such as sensors, transponders and chips.

Friendly’s ability to remotely manage all kinds of device types is significant, allowing providers to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with a manufacturer or an operator, as well as with other connected devices. The system is designed to enable automated provisioning and the collection of data and diagnostics (online/offline/QoE) from a full range of devices, as well as maintaining inventory management and obtaining device diagnostics (online/offline/QoE).

Successful device management requires the use of a device-embedded client as well as a management platform, and Friendly’s provides both. As a fully unified solution, the management platform is flexible enough to adapt itself to any device type and allows providers to sidestep the time-consuming and expensive process of installing platforms that are specifically to each device type.

The solution is based on standards such as OMA-DM and LWM2M and it is designed for:

  • Service providers who are looking to introduce additional services and increase ARPU.
  • Device manufacturers (CPE vendors) who want to offer embedded M2M clients for their devices, together with an optional IoT/M2M management server, that can be used for both lab testing and as SaaS offered to their customers’ client base.

A standards-based solution, Friendly’s IoT/M2M platform provides secure and reliable data transfer between servers and devices.
It includes the following components:

  • OMA-DM Embedded Client/Application
  • LWM2M Embedded Client (for constrained devices)
  • Device Management Server (for remote management of devices)

The Friendly’s system provides full support for the following devices:

  • Home devices
  • Healthcare platforms
  • Security systems
  • Utelco/smart metering
  • Constrained devices

Friendly Technologies has already partnered with leading international device manufacturers and carriers who introduced the solution to the market.

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