u-blox tiny surface-mount GNSS global positioning module supports all satellites and concurrent operation

u-blox tiny surface-mount GNSS global positioning module supports all satellites and concurrent operation

9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95 mm CAM-M8C module features -167 dBm sensitivity, built-in antenna for ease of integration, and low power consumption.

u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and chips, announces the CAM-M8C, a small, low profile GNSS positioning module with an integrated wideband chip antenna for reception across the entire L1 band. The module offers simultaneous GNSS operation for GPS/GLONASS, GPS/BeiDou, or GLONASS/BeiDou to deliver accurate, jamming-resistant and reliable positioning anywhere in the world. Featuring industry-leading sensitivity, the CAM-M8C integrates a u-blox M8 satellite receiver, crystal oscillator, SAW filter and low-noise amplifier. It also has an input for an external active antenna and when using this option the internal antenna acts as a backup. Thanks to its novel antenna design the module maintains its performance regardless of physical orientation. This makes the product highly suitable for mobile applications with frequent change of bearing.

Kim Kaisti, Product Manager, Product Center Positioning, commented:

“Where space is at a premium, for example in emergency call systems, in handheld navigation or in wearable devices, the CAM-M8C module offers a very cost-effective way to bring products to market quickly due to its small size and high levels of integration.”

“It does this without compromising performance or reliability, and leaves system designers free to concentrate on other important aspects of their product development.”

u-blox CAM-M8C positioning module
The CAM – M8C module features -167 dBm sensitivity and built – in antenna for ease of integration
The CAM-M8C is footprint compatible with u-blox UC530 and UC530M modules, providing an easy upgrade path.

To further accelerate design and development, an evaluation kit, the EVK-M8CCAM, offers a quick way to become familiar with the CAM-M8C module and assess its performance in specific applications.

The u-blox M8 GNSS receiver antenna module is delivered in u-blox Professional Grade and is qualified to JEDS47 and ISO16750 standard: “Road vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment”. The product is manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 automotive-certified production sites, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

CAM-M8C modules are available now.

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