Sprint Introduces Instant Worldwide Control over all Connected Devices through a Simple, Self-service Portal

Sprint Introduces Instant Worldwide Control over all Connected Devices through a Simple, Self-service Portal

Command Center 2.0 provides next-generation device management that easily scales and changes dynamically with the business.

Sprint has put more knowledge and control in the hands of businesses around the world with the launch of its next-generation Command Center 2.0. Companies can now easily connect, monitor and control device provisioning, billing and management across the U.S. or globally to more efficiently manage their M2M infrastructure.

Available in more than 200 countries, Command Center 2.0 provides a centralized management platform across multiple technologies, and simplifies the job of device management in three key ways:

  • One-touch bulk provisioning – Easy implementation of automated or on-the-fly device management features for one or thousands of devices
  • Billing to fit your business – Dynamic rate plan capabilities and flexible pooling arrangements for greater control over costs and multiple customized billing triggers
  • Fast trouble resolution – Wide array of tools so you can manage the unique needs of your devices based on time of day, geography, usage, limits and more

In today’s world, devices as diverse as utility meters, digital signs, cameras, remote sensors, appliances and even pets and people can be electronically linked over wired or wireless connections, and they can share data to support a variety of new uses and increased efficiencies. With that efficiency comes the complexity of managing hundreds, thousands or even millions of devices. Sprint’s approach to device management gives businesses better visibility into the cost, performance and return on investment (ROI) of their entire M2M infrastructure.

Dan Shey, practice director for IoT and Enterprise Research at ABI Research, said:

“Command Center 2.0 is a major enhancement to an already superb set of Sprint M2M services. Its unique combination of new technology and service provider partnerships offer any business a platform to cost effectively grow their IoT solution footprint both regionally and globally.”

Customers See Multiple Business Benefits

The platform helps all industries, including insurance, retail and transportation. Command Center 2.0 users report increased product sales, greater insight into their businesses, faster processes and improved productivity.

Sprint’s parent company, SoftBank, not only supports the Command Center 2.0’s global extension but is also working with Sprint to use certain components of Command Center 2.0 for their customers. Hiroshi Akabori, vice president –IoT/New Business for SoftBank Mobile, says, “Sprint understands what the modern business customer wants in a connected device management platform, a simple-to-use portal that brings uniform control to devices all around the world regardless of RAN [radio access network] technology.”

“Command Center 2.0 provides a global reach that’s critical in the new landscape of business,” said Mohamad Nasser, senior director – Product, Platforms and Marketing for Sprint’s Emerging Solutions organization. “No matter the company’s size, Sprint’s superior and nimble support teams ensure that tailored and flexible deployments can be carried out successfully. With the introduction of our new feature set, we’ve taken a service with a proven track record and created an even better M2M management platform.”

A Command Center user in the smart grid arena is Tollgrade Communications, a global leader of Smart Grid Sensors with Predictive Grid® Analytics. “Utilities rely on the real-time information from Tollgrade Smart Grid Sensors to rapidly restore power to their customers,” said Erik Christian, vice president for Smart Grid, Tollgrade. “The enhanced Sprint M2M Command Center 2.0 allows Tollgrade to more easily provision and troubleshoot our sensors on the Sprint network. By leveraging the Command Center 2.0 to create a proven and reliable communication support infrastructure for our sensors, Sprint is at the heart of shaping the modern grid and helping utilities bring the distribution network into the 21st century.”

“Sprint M2M Command Center 2.0’s loading activation feature and robust reporting capabilities are critical to our success and our customers’ satisfaction,” said Andrew Wilson, CEO – SecureNet, a provider of customizable smart home services, including home automation, video monitoring, environment control, energy management, and interactive alarm control. “With the Pre-Activation/Billing on the Command Center platform, we can test and validate data calls to confirm there are no device, module, network or data center concerns. We have unwavering trust in the Sprint Command Center portal.”

Greg Tunnell, general manager – Speedshield, says ease-of-use and robust functionality of Sprint’s Command Center 2.0 platform help keep his Melbourne, Australia-based forklift and industrial vehicle safety company profitable.

“The Sprint Command Center 2.0 platform is the backbone for our data transfer,” Tunnell said. “We ship thousands of our safety and telemetry system products to dealers across the U.S. every year. We can’t afford to have any gaps in coverage. Our products must be able to communicate virtually wherever they are, even in remote locations. The Sprint Command Center platform provides us with that coverage.”

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