iNebula and Eurotech team up to create iNebula Connect for smart objects

iNebula and Eurotech team up to create iNebula Connect for smart objects

The industry’s first cloud service to offer a distributed and secure platform to support smart objects, collecting, storing and distributing data.

iNebula, part of the IT multinational Itway Group, provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud computing solutions for the safety and success of businesses, and Eurotech, a leading provider of embedded systems, machine-to -machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announce the launch of the new iNebula Connect service, a distributed and secure communication platform designed to support smart objects. The solution is engineered to collect, store and distribute data with high value application workloads and perform real-time analysis, providing virtually unlimited scalability and full compliance with data management regulations.

iNebula Connect is the first service of its kind in Italy and has been made possible as a result of the collaboration between iNebula and Eurotech. With the advent of the IoT, the number of endpoints on IT networks will grow at a 35% between 2013 and 2020, reaching an installed base of 25 billion units according to a Gartner report dated December 2014. As connections quadruple, businesses will experience an exponential increase in data and information volumes. In order to reduce complexity and to control information, IT departments will have to rely on solutions capable of offering this type of support.

iNebula Connect offers advanced management of data produced by “smart objects”. As a result of multiple customization options provided by the team at iNebula this SaaS platform is extremely scalable and flexible, and is consequently able to satisfy the IoT data handling requirements of companies of all sizes and market segments..

“The launch of iNebula Connect demonstrates our focus on innovating with cutting-edge solutions that can meet business needs and market demands. It is estimated that the value of the IoT market in Italy is worth €1.55 billion with iNebula Connect as a first to market that obviously puts us in a strong position,” said Stefano Della Valle, Executive VP Sales and Marketing, iNebula.

“Partnering with a recognized leader such as Eurotech was essential for the creation of this service. The collaboration is extremely synergistic as it brings together Eurotech’s experience in IoT platforms with iNebula’s expertise in the provisioning of security services, a growing issue in business applications.”

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