Intel Security and Onyx to Provide Purpose Built Security for Internet of Things in the Medical Industry

Intel Security and Onyx to Provide Purpose Built Security for Internet of Things in the Medical Industry

Security Technologies Chosen as Standard for Onyx Systems and Their Patient Information Protection.

Intel Security today announced it is collaborating with Onyx Healthcare to integrate Intel Security technologies into Onyx’s product lines, which include McAfee Application Control™ with ePolicy Orchestrator™ and McAfee Complete Data Protection™. They will be integrated into all Onyx’s systems in order to help Onyx meet HIPPA and HiTech compliance regulations and better protect their customers brands as well as Electronic Patient critical information. Intel Security will become the preferred security provider for Onyx, underscoring Intel Security’s leadership position in the healthcare sector and Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

McAfee Application Control is designed to only allow trusted applications to run on devices after they are deployed either in an enterprise or a remote location. The solution helps prevent unauthorized changes to the control device and issues alerts in the event of unwanted change attempts. The technology’s powerful combination of features provides enhanced protection for devices against zero-day attacks, reduces in-field breakage, and limits the patching cycles typical of other security approaches.

McAfee Complete Data Protection is intended to protect Onyx systems with powerful data encryption. Significantly, the technology also controls and monitors access to the systems that contain confidential patient data.

M2M and IoT securityTom Moore, Vice President of WW Embedded Sales, said:

“As we enter the IoT world, networked healthcare systems are increasingly coming under attack because of the valuable information they contain, so something has to change.”

“These technologies will change the status quo, because standard antivirus does not protect against zero-day attacks, insider attacks, or local hospital staff who make errors or do not adhere to security policies, and medical devices may not be regularly updated because they are not always on the network.”

“Protecting not only our devices but also our customers’ valuable personal information that resides on them is a priority – now more than ever,” said John Chuang, Americas President of Onyx. “The patient is the center of our universe. At Onyx, we design our systems around the patient experience. If patients cannot trust our systems to protect their valuable personal information, then that experience is ruined. By integrating advanced security features provided by a trusted leader such as Intel Security, Onyx is uniquely positioned to deliver systems for hospitals and patients to use globally.”

In conjunction with the Atlantic Council, Intel Security recently launched a study of the security of networked medical devices. The report, titled The Healthcare Internet of Things: Rewards and Risks, is available here.

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