KORE partners with Active Telematics to further expand into the Asian M2M market

KORE partners with Active Telematics to further expand into the Asian M2M market

KORE has recently partnered with Malaysian based GPS location technology company Active Telematics, to offer their global M2M connectivity services.

The partnership will help facilitate connectivity to both satellite and cellular networks on Active Telematics’ GPS tracking devices between Singapore and Thailand, with expansion into other parts of Asia forecast for the future.

Customers utilising Active Telematics solutions are able to retrieve real time data analysis for applications such as truck and fleet tracking, personal tracking, wearable solution, insurance monitoring and remote asset management, delivering increased business efficiencies for its users.

Director of KORE Asia Pacific, Thomas Mooney said the partnership will promote the growth of Active Telematics tracking products into new South East Asia markets.

“Our global connectivity and experience in fleet tracking has KORE positioned as a world leader. Working with growing companies such as Active Telematics means that we can help locally based businesses expand their footprints and offerings to meet the growing demands of M2M,” Mr Mooney said.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Active Telematics, Omar Hatmi said the partnership was an opportunity to explore the m2m solutions and possibilities outside of its current service offering with the reliability and expertise of KORE.

“Active Telematics is about solving every day operational problems. Imagine our customer’s delight that they are able to see cross border fleet activity without paying for exorbitant roaming data charges.”

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