SIGFOX and FIWARE Announce Open-source Connector For SIGFOX Internet of Things Network

SIGFOX and FIWARE Announce Open-source Connector For SIGFOX Internet of Things Network

Seamless Connector Allows Developers to Easily Connect Their SIGFOX Ready™ IoT Devices to FIWARE Platform.

SIGFOX, the pioneering provider of a global network dedicated to the Internet of Things, and FIWARE, an open initiative whose platform provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that simplify development of smart applications, today announced a seamless connector between the FIWARE platform and SIGFOX Ready™ devices.

Compatible with the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) NGSI standard, this open-source connector allows developers to use all SIGFOX Ready™ devices with FIWARE Internet of Things (IoT) software enablers to gather and process data. Through the open and standard API, the connector enables developers to create IoT apps easily and quickly, and FIWARE becomes a SIGFOX Ready™ IoT platform.

FIWARE already enables users to monitor data on everything an IoT device with sensors measure, such as temperature, pressure, location and humidity. With this connector, developers will be able to choose from the large catalogue of SIGFOX-compatible devices that require virtually no integration.

SIGFOX’s end-to-end communications solution brings data from devices all the way to the customers’ server applications. The server apps interface with the SIGFOX Cloud using standards-based APIs, but they can also use off-the-shelf IoT platforms. With this agreement, SIGFOX customers can also use FIWARE, which is integrated using an open- source connector.

Developers currently using SIGFOX Ready™ devices can now benefit from the features provided by FIWARE generic enablers, and access to the FIWARE innovation ecosystem and the FIWARE accelerator program.

More than a technical integration, this connector is a concrete step for an innovative low-power network technology that meets the needs of European startups and device makers focused on the Internet of Things.

Thomas Nicholls, executive vice president of communications at SIGFOX, said:

“By accessing the FIWARE ecosystem, app developers can create IoT applications and services very quickly and increase their impact, due to the usage of FIWARE standard APIs.”

“This partnership also underscores SIGFOX’s commitment to open-source platforms and to working with multiple partners for the benefit of our network operators and their customers.”

FIWARE is an open-source platform integrating a number of components that make it easier to develop smart applications. It was created through a public-private partnership between more than 40 organizations and the European Commission. The FIWARE community is extending the platform to other global regions, starting with Latin America.

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