Sequans and Gemalto Drive Innovation for Next Generation LTE Solutions for the M2M Marketplace

Sequans and Gemalto Drive Innovation for Next Generation LTE Solutions for the M2M Marketplace

4G chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. announced a partnership with Gemalto to integrate Sequans’ StreamliteLTE™ chipset platforms into a family of wireless communication modules for the M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

The first of the new products will be based on Sequans’ award-winning Calliope LTE platform, the world’s first Cat 1 (10 Mbps) LTE chipset solution optimized specifically for low power, and lower bandwidth requirements, typical for many M2M applications. The innovative modules represent the first step toward true machine-type-communication and will allow easy addition of LTE connectivity to devices such as smart meters, alarm systems, asset trackers, remote monitors, M2M routers, telematics, and more.

Sequans’ Calliope LTE Platform is the world’s first Cat 1 LTE chipset platform and it is optimized for M2M and IoT devices. It delivers ultra low power consumption and provides key IoT/M2M interfaces and support for VoLTE and location based services. Calliope was recently named an “IoT Innovations” award winner by Connected World Magazine, and a “Leading Lights 2015” award winner for “Most Innovative IoT/M2M Strategy,” by Light Reading.

“Sequans is an innovative and focused partner for us to start deployments of a new generation of technology leading towards true machine-type-communications,” said Norbert Muhrer, Senior Vice President M2M, Gemalto.

“LTE technology has distinct advantages for the M2M space, for example, in size and power, and its Calliope chipset is an ideal starting point for smart, efficient, and cost-effective LTE M2M modules.”

“Cooperating with Sequans we aim to deliver higher integration of the module with typical Gemalto competencies in SIM cards and security for IOT.”

“We have an excellent partner in Gemalto, a company with decades of experience in M2M and digital security and well respected for introducing advanced products, services and platforms,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.
“Gemalto’s intelligent product design and portfolio roadmap combined with its global customer support is advancing the evolution to LTE for a variety of vertical markets and helping to expand the IoT.”

The first of the new Sequans-powered Gemalto modules is expected to certify and ship in the second half of 2015, targeting US markets with other markets to follow.

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