Billion Electric Improves the Productivity of Retail and Financial Services Up to 60% with 3G/4G LTE M2M Router

Billion Electric Improves the Productivity of Retail and Financial Services Up to 60% with 3G/4G LTE M2M Router

Billion launches the world’s first 3G/4G LTE router – M200, designed specifically to improve the system performance of Retail PoS (Point of Sales), ATM, Kiosks, and vending machines.

Built in with the powerful IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Internet) technologies, M200 boosts the data security and protects the confidentiality of customer information. In addition to the auto-failback & failover and dual-WAN interfaces, M200 delivers ultra networking resilience featuring high transmission efficiency and substantial bandwidth that can support a variety of Smart City and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications.

Billion, a global ICT leader in providing a complete portfolio of xDSL, Fibre, 3G, and 4G LTE cellular CPE devices, announces the launch of Billion’s industrial-grade 3G/4G LTE router – M200. Designed in a compact, rugged size covered with industrial metal, M200 can withstand the extensive temperatures ranging from –20 to 60º C (-4 to 140º F) and be easily deployed at any commercial hardware. The new 4G M2M router aims to increase the system efficiency of Retail PoS, ATM, Kiosks and vending machine by demonstrating the capability of building an enterprise network connectivity. By strengthening the interoperability between front machines and back-end software systems, M200 can significantly enhance the system productivity and bring reliable security to data transmission.

“Inadequate network bandwidth often causes prolonged and time-consuming transactions, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of store revenue. We are the industrial pioneers who create M2M routers primarily devoted to helping venues increase operational productivity through enhanced data transmission rate”, says Greg Chen, Senior Director of Communication Division at Billion Electric Co. Ltd.

Billion M200 Dual Gigabits Ethernet PortsM200 features automatic failover and failback between 4G cellular and Gigabit EWAN which systematically prevents internet outages and transmission breakdown. Embedded the high bandwidth capacity, M200 significantly shortens checkout times and boosts the store productivity by processing large size of files, such as customer profile and purchase history at the point of sales. Besides, 4G LTE enables camera surveillance to record facial identities and videos during the occurrence of theft and vandalism. In addition to the VPN integration, M200 protects customers and cardholders from fraudulent information used by external and internal entities through adding a secure encryption onto every ATM transaction and Kiosks inquiry. For vending machine applications, M200 retrofits the capability through real-time delivering digital purchase records, updating the current status of item stock holding, and connecting scattered individual machines to one central controller. Operators can minimize the maintenance costs and the manpower inspections spent on checking different and distantly located machines to refill the shortage items.

“Although it is still rare for commercial markets to start connecting their assets to 4G LTE, Billion M2M solution can solve all the problems related to transaction latency, data insecurity, and inefficient asset management”, says Greg Chen.

“LTE not only adds competitive edges to PoS, Kiosk, ATM, and vending machines by supporting IP cam and digital imaging, but it also reduces transaction lead-times to stimulate the growths of store revenue and machine productivity”.

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