PTC Announces PTC Integrity Product Family for the Internet of Things

PTC Announces PTC Integrity Product Family for the Internet of Things

Offers Industry First Capabilities to Transform Software and Systems Engineering into the IoT.

PTC today announced a series of industry-first innovations across its PTC Integrity™ product family of software and systems engineering solutions. The new capabilities will help customers reduce barriers to process modeling, make higher quality, more profitable product line engineering decisions, and manage and re-use assets more easily in the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Smart, connected products are the future of manufacturing, and intrinsically more complex to design, build and service. Products that once operated in isolation are now part of an ecosystem with lifetime interdependencies. Capabilities that used to be implemented through a single engineering discipline, such as a mechanical brake, are now delivered through tightly coupled hardware and software that require close collaboration across disciplines.

“Better software and systems engineering enable better, more profitable products,” said Roque Martin, senior vice president and general manager, ALM, PTC.
“Software and systems engineering is the lifeblood of smart, connected products. Manufacturers that take advantage of the PTC Integrity product family will be in a stronger position to deliver more competitive products in an increasingly connected world.”

The PTC Integrity product family offers a holistic software and systems engineering approach that enables successful collaboration, automation and reuse across teams and disciplines to address these challenges. Collectively, the new releases implement more than 100 customer-requested features, including support for continuous engineering within PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager to speed software delivery cycles.

“Successful IoT initiatives demand mature software and systems engineering practices,” said Melinda Ballou, program director for IDC’s ALM & Executive Strategies Service.

“Given the complexity and business criticality of many IoT systems, effective process modeling, documentation, product line engineering and project asset visibility are needed aspects of helping to enable IoT strategies (along with overall ALM).”

“The newest PTC Integrity family product releases deliver important benefits and can provide a clearer pathway to better approaches for this challenging, interconnected world.”

The industry-first capabilities within the Integrity product family include:

  • Natural language diagramming with PTC Integrity Process Director. Captures best practices as information is created to reduce barriers to process modeling, speed process documentation and accelerate process engineering workshops. This enables users to establish, measure and improve an organization’s operational, engineering and development processes.

“PTC Integrity Process Director makes it easier for our systems engineers to do things right the first time.” – Nicolas Gueit, development methods unit manager, SNECMA – SAFRAN GROUP.

  • Variable parameters for product line engineering with PTC Integrity Modeler. Design before you build with standards-based systems, software and product line modelling by fully exploring real-world choices in product lines and variants. This can improve model quality by specifying and enforcing design constraints.

“PTC Integrity modeling technology is significantly helping us improve quality and reduce effort throughout the design lifecycle.” – Hugo G. Chalé Góngora, Alstom Transport

  • Drag and drop web service cataloging and reuse with PTC Integrity Asset Library. Streamlines the process of publishing and locating project assets for reuse to jumpstart design, verification and validation to speed IoT systems design.

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