MultiTech Eases Financial Burden of M2M and IoT Service Providers Transitioning from 2G

MultiTech Eases Financial Burden of M2M and IoT Service Providers Transitioning from 2G

As large 2G cellular GSM coverage areas are sunset, thousands of companies face an upgrade deadline on countless connected devices.

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. a leading global manufacturer of M2M and IoT devices, today announced a new 2G Cellular Migration Rebate Program. Effective immediately and through March 31, 2016, eligible customers can receive a rebate on the purchase of new MultiTech products to replace expiring 2G GSM-based equipment. The rebate applies to both the replacement of MultiTech or non-MultiTech devices.

“The vast majority of M2M connections in the U.S. are based on 2G technology. More importantly, many of them are mission-, if not life-critical. Upgrading to new technology today is the only way to ensure continuous service,” said Duane Wald Vice President of Sales at MultiTech.

“We are offering to help by providing easy-to-deploy, pre-certified hardware solutions at a discounted rate to anyone seeking to maintain service levels throughout this transition.”

MultiTech offers a complete line of pre-certified replacement products in a variety of form factors including embedded and external modems and routers for quick upgradability. Pre-sale engineering resources are available, offering an array of customized solutions and services to assist in the transition.
MultiTech has also partnered with several cellular data service providers to offer additional savings on upgrade purchases.

For more information on the program and these partnerships, visit MultiTech’s website.
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